Gandcrab V5 0.4 Ransomware Removal Instructions

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More and more strains of ransomware have spread all over the world enacting its criminal intent on innocent victims. As a result, many computer owners, may it be high profile users or personal ones are made aware of the impairment of being a target of these cyber attacks. One such cause of havoc is called Gandcrab. Many are then left asking what it is and “how to remove Gandcrab v5 0.4 ransomware?” An increasing number of victims of this particular ransomware made more people want to educate themselves about it, so to expand your knowledge on this, let’s take on each element of this ransomware in a general overview.

What Is Gandcrab V5 0.4 Ransomware?

Before answering how to remove Gandcrab v5 0.4 ransomware, let’s first get to know it for what it is — a type of ransomware. It was first recognized in late 2018 as a subspecies of its predecessor, GandCrab. It infiltrates and encrypts data through ransomware download and adds random extensions on files it has scanned on the machine. After which, it displays the ransom note to inform the owner of their demands. As all ransomware protocols, hijackers usually demand digital currency as payment to assure their anonymity. For Gandcrab v5 0.4, the note is displayed on the desktop to inform its owner that they are being extorted. Gandcrab v5 0.4 was also ingenious in utilizing other means of distribution aside from phishing emails. This one utilized used program cracks and updates to bait victims into their ransomware download.

Gandcrab V5 0.4 Algorithm

To know how to remove Gandcrab v5 0.4 ransomware, let’s also discuss the algorithm used in its coding. For average users, these details don’t help much in dodging the bullet, per se. However, it allows for better understanding of who the enemy is. V5, much like its predecessors, uses RSA encryption and Salsa20 to encrypt all the data it can find within the target computer or server. It can encrypt documents, photos, videos, whatever else is stored within the computer. RSA or Rivest-Shamir-Adleman, is a type of algorithm in encryption wherein two keys different keys are used; a private key, privy only to the code maker, and a public key that can be shared to others which is what is used in encryption during ransomware download.

The private key is then used as a decryption tool once the ransom is paid. Salsa20 is a more complex algorithm that uses a more dynamic form of system for more effective performance. Translated into malware, ransomware, in particular, it is a formidable force that causes more complications in encryptions which generally makes it all the more challenging for decryption tools to crack.

Steps To Remove Gandcrab V5 0.4 Ransomware

Prior to discussing how to remove Gandcrab v5 0.4 ransomware, let’s talk about prevention first. Like previously mentioned, removing this particular ransomware with a decryption tool requires more knowledge of coding and such. The most actionable steps are actually sidestepping the crisis altogether. Here are some precautions you can take to avoid falling victim to this proliferating cybercrime:

  • Double-check your emails. Many ransomware, not just this strain, delivers their ransomware download encryptions through emails. It is, then, a major priority to look into your emails with keener eyes. Circumspect every detail in the emails you receive, especially ones from unfamiliar origins. Cybercriminals have evolved to using social engineering to urge people into enabling their ransomware.
  • Update your software. Large software companies work endlessly to smoothen the edges of their products to assure their customer’s security. As their names are on the line, they develop new and innovative ways to patch holes that can be used by malware for its devious purposes. Because of this, it is essential to make sure that all software running on your computer is the most recent update from their manufacturers ensuring that all possible breaches are clogged and secured.
  • Avoid shady websites. Some people are clever in utilizing cracks and pirated versions of software or games on the internet. However, these sources are also possible carriers of ransomware that you willingly let infiltrate your security. In these files, it’s easy to hide malware in layers of folders that might not be seen by off guard users.
  • Apply anti-malware software. There is nothing more assuring than being backed up by experts in building a safeguard on your computer. Prominent anti-malware or anti-ransomware cater to many of your malware concerns without hassle. There is no need to keep asking how to remove Gabcrab v5 0.4 ransomware or any ransomware for that matter because all your concerns are covered. It can range from simple scanning options to a full-blown cybersecurity service which is advantageous for business owners and those using a server for multiple devices. These companies also have experts on the line that can maneuver through any ransomware attacks with their decryption tools and expertise.

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