EDR (Endpoint Detection And Response)

Xcitium Advanced is an Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) bundle that helps you understand threats and mature your security program - knowing not just that an attack occurred and was virtualized and contained, but exactly what happened, where your vulnerabilities exist, and how to better prepare for future threats.

Get Real-Time Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) Forensics
  • Learn from every attack encounterLearn from every attack encounter.
  • Mature your environmentMature your environment.
  • Benefit your organization by getting the full pictureBenefit your organization by getting the full picture.
  • Continuously improve your security postureContinuously improve your security posture by staying 2 steps ahead of your attackers!
Reap The Value Of EDR In A ZeroDwell Time World

ZeroDwell technology disrupts the industry focus on detection-first approaches to cybersecurity. Detection as the first line of defense is clearly not working: breaches keep coming at all of us, and the threat landscape becomes more and more malicious.

Nonetheless, EDR visibility, detection and remediation are always needed to harden environments, patch vulnerabilities, deepen threat hunting capacities, and sync with human-led global intelligence and re-engineered attacker threat paths to stay ahead of threats and continue to innovate.

With ZeroDwell, Xcitium pre-empts detection and response maneuvers with instant virtualization of Unknowns as they enter your endpoints. Detection is not protection, but ZeroDwell Containment changes all that with its proven, powerful zero trust virtualization. Once protected with patented attack isolation, effective EDR begins with enhanced awareness, visibility and remediation of environment vulnerabilities.

With your security team no longer burdened by excessive alert fatigue, you can be empowered by Xcitium's superhuman x-ray vision and management of the whole enterprise. Xcitium Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) visibility and forensics start with ZeroDwell Containment virtualization.

Endpoint Detection and Response
EDR Threat Protection
Attack Vector Threat Visualizations

Attack vector data combined with file trajectory and process hierarchy data points and displayed on your dashboard to streamline patching and vulnerability repairs. Process-based events are shown in a tree-view structure to help your analysts better understand process behavior. Device trajectory details are also provided with separate displays to drill down into devices for insight when investigating attack vectors.

Patch Your Vulnerabilities

Keep your endpoints up to date

Patching protects against zero-day web threats without hindering employee productivity. Analyze 100% of unknown fileless threats with Xcitium's intelligent file analysis engine. Apply our recommended security policies, created via meticulous examination of threat behavior analytics.

Software Inventory Patch Management EDR
Stay Ahead Of Cyber Threats

Includes Full Detection Forecast Analysis

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) tailors group policy to your customized requirements, including endpoint-specific policies for enhanced security. No hardware is needed! Automatically updates signatures and checks processes executed in your environment with continuous monitoring. Dramatically streamlines follow-up efforts for your IT departments and forensic teams.

EDR Cyber Threats=
Feature Capabilities
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Attack Chain Visualizations

Process-based events are shown in a tree-view structure to help analysts better understand process behavior.

Recommended Security Policy

Every EDR license comes with the Security Policy, which is customizable to meet your individual needs.

Suspicious Activity Alerting

Get notified about such activities as file-less attacks, advanced persistent threats and privilege escalation attempts.

Incident Investigation

The event search screen allows analysts to run queries to return any detail at base-event-level granularity.

Cloud-Based Architecture

Our lightweight agent to collect information and drill down into incidents with base-event-level granularity.

Fileless Malware Detection

Certain malware doesn't execute a file, it attacks RAM. Xcitium EDR can detect against these threats before it appears.

Verdict Cloud Engine

Conducts multiple arrays of run-time behavioral analysis against unknown files to provide a verdict of safe quickly and automatically or malicious.

ZeroDwell Compatibility

Automatically runs from patented virtual container that does allow threats to access the host system's resources or user data.

Enterprise Level and MSP Ready

EDR agent can be instantly deployed via group policy object or the Xcitium ITSM with automatic updates every release.


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Move Away From Ineffective Detection-First Strategies With Patented Breach Prevention Built For Today’s Challenges!

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