Guided Onboarding & Deployment Services

The key to successful ZeroThreat implementation is Xcitium’s alignment of infrastructure, resources availability, experience, and operational practices to fit every organization’s unique end to end security requirements.

Get Started On An Enterprise Platform With Success
Regular Health Checks
Keep All Xcitium Technologies Running Smoothly

We will work closely with your internal IT staff to accommodate any changes based on best practices. Stop questioning whether your environment is in a healthy state or if an upcoming update will impact your environment. Xcitium Professional Services can help you manage through these concerns.

Security Posture Configured To You
Verify Every Endpoint

Our Professional Services agents are 100% dedicated to fine tuning your endpoint security. We will work to understand your security requirements to ensure Xcitium Enterprise Platform is aligned for your success in preventing malicious threats from impacting operations and business continuity.

Feature Capabilities
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Setup Configuration & Deployment

Guided setup configurations adhered to the strategic plans to best suite your environment for high investment returns.

Security Performance & Optimization

Protect against known and unknowns with precisely configured ZeroDwell Containment.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Your Security Operations team will be trained to understand deployment options, proper staged security profiles, and using Xcitium Enterprise Platform to drill into any security event.

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