How To Create Your Own Ransomware?

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How To Create Your Own Ransomware?

In an aim to better protect and mitigate the risk to yourself from malware, it can be helpful to know how to create your own ransomware. But first, let’s start with understanding what ransomware is.

A ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the victim’s files rendering them useless to its owners unless their demands are met. Sounds devious, right? It’s one of the growing ways to swindle money off of people in the advent of technology.

Unfortunately, ransomware has grown more notorious and can be used not only on your computers but across all sorts of devices. Mobile ransomware is also rampant in recent times, as more people save important details on their phones and tablets. So naturally, online thieving has also evolved to encompass that medium to gain track to more possible victims.

What Is A Ransomware Creator?

ransomware creator is something made available online for people who can’t code but have insidious intentions. Searching “how to create your own ransomware” can also be researched if one wants easy money.

Some ransomware creators can also produce mobile ransomware for those who’d want to cast a wider net. Swindling made-easy for any average Joe. Unfortunately, such service is available to the public. Albeit, not everyone could do it or else more people would be in financial risk.

However, if you have a determined mindset, you can do extensive research and find out how to create your own ransomware in the confines of your home.

So how is it done? Like previously mentioned, you don’t have to be a gifted coder or to even have knowledge of coding to work out a ransomware creator. Apps like TDK or Trojan Development Kit can be downloaded freely to get started.

With this app, you can even create on your phones. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy even for the non-tech savvy people attempting to build one. After downloading the app, follow the step-by-step instructions and fill out customization options.

Pretty convenient, right? Of course, the app doesn’t come for free. It requires a one-time payment to create your malware. Once done, you can use this ransomware on any software.

How To Create Your Own Ransomware: What’s The Process Like?

If you’re up for a little challenge, there are also other ways to create this indestructible system. Some websites allow you to download the actual software that creates the malware.

They will then provide you with simple steps on how to create your own ransomware based on the base software you downloaded. You can also customize to expand your resources and create mobile ransomware. For a paid fee, certain websites assure its customers that their malware is virtually undetectable and infallible.

It’s also made to fit the requirements of its user by allowing options and configuration for which files and folders to encrypt, the message to be displayed once the owner is locked out, and the bitcoin address to which the ransom is to be sent.

And if that’s still too mainstream for you, then there are even intricately made ones that are available in the dark web. Many online exploiters offer to instruct how to create your own ransomware that are more advanced in that section of the internet.

After subscribing to their service which of course requires a fee, certain nefarious websites hand out their hacking skills at even complex algorithms to avoid detection and provide more cunning ways to deliver the same objective to their victims.


Having said all that, however, does not mean to encourage people of value to submit themselves into becoming swindlers. All this knowledge should be put to use in preventing this unlawful practice to spread even more.

It is important to raise people’s awareness, to not become online prey to the crafty methods of stealing that has taken the world by storm these recent years. Since there are currently no other ways to create bulwarks for this sort of attack, knowing how to create your own ransomware is definitely handy to avoid it.

Since all ransomware is sealed tight and cannot be undone once it has acquired access to your system, prevention is the only method of protection. Once you know and understand its origins and where the strike might come from, you can build a system that better shelters us from it. In addition to awareness, it’s also essential to build a strong partnership with a trusted security system against malwares like ransomware.

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