Xcitium Complete XDR

Extended Detection and Response ( Xcitium Complete XDR )

Access operational ease with rich, built-in XDR integrations across the entire security tech stack providing XDR deep visibility, XDR real-time context, automated containment, Complete XDR detection, and Complete XDR response. Only actionable alerts/ no alert fatigue. A fully integrated Xcitium Complete XDR platform means a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.

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Managed Extended Detection And Response (Xcitium Complete XDR)

MXDR extends across endpoints to continuously Complete monitor, manage, and Complete XDR connects the dots across your entire Complete XDR technology stack. Our Kernel-level ZeroDwell virtualization is a pre-emptive prevention technology that precedes Xcitium Complete XDR detection and response by containing Unknowns and potential Complete attacks at runtime.

Xcitium MDR
24•7•365 Continuous Monitoring

Leverage a 24x7x365 team of highly skilled SOC Xcitium Complete XDR analysts to conduct in-depth investigations. Receive Xcitium Complete XDR high-fidelity threat notifications for attacker activity, malicious programs, & suspicious behavior.

Threat Intelligence Integrations

Receive highly refined internal & external threat intelligence feeds to XDR alert or block Indicators of Compromise. Incorporate Complete XDR your internal intelligence into Xcitium’s Enterprise Platform for added coverage. Our Verdict Cloud integration checks on process execution via hash submission and delivers Xcitium Complete static analysis, kill-chain reporting, & human reverse engineering.

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Real-Time Response & Reporting

Xcitium Complete XDR Enterprise platform enables our responders to automate the forensic collection process, block activity in real-time, isolate endpoints from the network, execute custom commands, and provide live responses to your remote Complete systems for remediation.

Proactive Threat Hunting Xcitium Complete XDR

An Xcitium Complete XDR team of highly trained cybersecurity experts will continuously hunt through generated logs looking for anomalous and suspicious activity across your XDR organization. Your environment will be baselined for known good behavior and Xcitium Complete XDR ZeroThreat Complete MDR will alert you on deviations outside those recorded patterns. Collected endpoint telemetry XDR also provides threat hunters with the foundation they need to find stealthy, novel attacks while leaving no stone unturned.

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Xcitium Complete XDR Incident Response

Our Xcitium Complete Incident Response team is readily available to conduct in-depth forensic investigations. Receive a detailed timeline of attack activity derived from digital forensics. In Xcitium Complete XDR addition to Xcitium Complete Technology telemetry, this includes analysis of artifacts such as $MFT, Windows Event Logs, Registry, Web History, etc. After a breach or incident, our team guides you through the next best steps to protect your XDR endpoints, XDR network, and assets. This Xcitium Complete XDR includes threat neutralization and remediation support.

Feature Capabilities
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24/7 Coverage

Our experts closely monitor your environment 24x7x365 and respond regardless of your time zone or location.

Extend Your Team

Offload day-to-day security event triage and analysis so your team can focus on organizational needs.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Get high fidelity notifications on file-less attacks, advanced persistent threats and privilege escalation attempts.

Threat Intelligence

Our Verdict Cloud conducts multiple arrays of run-time behavioral analysis against unknown files to provide a verdict of safe quickly and automatically or malicious.

Incident Investigation

Forensic acquisition of digital evidence and detailed timeline analysis for root cause identification.

Detailed Reporting

Received detailed reports on threat activity affecting your environment, vulnerability management & insight into compliance reporting.

Threat Discovery
Discover Endpoint Security Bundles (Xcitium Complete XDR)
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Xcitium Client Security - Device
Endpoint Protection + Endpoint Detection & Response

Gain full context of an attack to connect the dots on how hackers are attempting to breach your network with ZeroDwell Containment, EPP, and Next-Gen EDR.

Xcitium MDR - Device
Xcitium Managed SOC - Device
Managed EDR - Detection & Response

We continuously monitor endpoint device activities and policy violations, and provide threat hunting and SOC Services, with 24/7 eyes on glass threat management. Managed SOC services for MSPs and MSSPs.

Xcitium MDR - Network | Cloud
Xcitium Managed SOC - Network | Cloud
Managed Extended Detection & Response

Outsourced Zero Trust managed - security with options for protecting endpoints clouds and/or networks, as well as threat hunting, SOC Services, with 24/7 expert eyes on glass threat management.

Xcitium CNAPP - Cloud Workload Protection

Xcitium's Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) provides automated Zero Trust cloud security for cloud-based applications and cloud workloads, including infrastructure DevOps from code to runtime.

Move Away From Ineffective Detection-First Strategies With Patented Breach Prevention Built For Today's Challenges!
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