Zero Dwell Trusted Security Advisor Community


Zero Dwell Trusted Security Advisor Community (TSA)

Xcitium, the world's leader of next generation, best-in-class, containment-powered MDR cybersecurity based on Zero Trust Architecture, presents the Zero Dwell Trusted Security Advisor Community (ZD-TSA).

MVP Council Objective
ZD-TSA Community Mission

Build a community of Security Influencers dedicated to educate and advocate for Zero Trust adoption.

Gartner: Security and risk management leaders are asking for investment to build zero trust security, but zero trust can be confusing to business executives. To obtain support, these leaders must be able to communicate what zero trust is, the benefits it brings, and the challenges it creates for the business.

Key Findings:

  • Security leaders are inundated with marketing and vague language about zero trust and so struggle to translate the technical reality into business benefits.
  • Too many vendors are using zero trust in terms of a huge range of products, yet this is an organizational vision that is anchored in architecture and principles, and is not solvable by a technology alone.
  • Executive backing is critical to the success of zero trust programs as they require changes in architecture, culture and technology.
  • "Over 60% of organizations will embrace zero trust as a starting place for security by 2025. However, more than half will fail to realize the benefits." Gartner
Two-tier Membership Levels

Zero Trust Advocate Levels

  • Cyber Guardians - Community Board (Initial Members, Member Approvers)
    • Plaque, Certificate and Lapel Pin for Guardian level
  • Cyber Defenders - Members who meet minimum community requirements
    • Certificate and Lapel Pin for Defender level

Community Objectives -

  • Develop White Papers
  • Webinar Speaking
  • Industry Event Speaking
  • Write Contributed Articles
  • Publish Press Releases
  • Blogs and Social Posts
  • Track and Report on Activity Monthly
  • Point System for earning Community Reward points for ZD-TSA Community Merchandise
Zero Dwell - Trusted Advisory Council Cyber Guardians
Chaim Sanders
Chaim Sanders

Leading the Corporate Security Team at Lyft

Raymond Comvalius
Raymond Comvalius

Infrastructure Architect and Trainer

Sander Berkouwer
Sander Berkouwer

Chief Technology Officer, The Ranstad

Osman Akagunduz
Osman Akagunduz

Cloud Architect & Founder, Cloudify

Grzegorz Tworek
Grzegorz Tworek

Microsoft, Security Internals Fanatic

George Dobrea
George Dobrea

Cyber Security Strategist, Speaker, Author, Trainer

Dave Franklyn
Dave Franklyn

Microsoft Windows and Devices for IT, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Videographer, and SMSgt, USAF-Retired

Hakan Uzuner
Hakan Uzuner

Professional Services Director

Bekim Dauti
Bekim Dauti

IT Expert

Gökhan Yüceler
Gökhan Yüceler

Cyber Security Advisor | Incident Response Expert

Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud
Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud

CISO Egyptian Banks Company

Davut EREN
Davut EREN

Founder of Nordis Global

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Xcitium's Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) provides automated Zero Trust cloud security for cloud-based applications and cloud workloads, including infrastructure DevOps from code to runtime.