Xcitium Editorial Policies and Standards

Editorial Mission

Xcitium aims to provide content of the highest caliber for the purpose of informing and educating customers on relevant topics regarding technology, business, and personal development.

Editorial Standards

All content follows to basic editorial standards including:

  • Accurate: All statements and statistics must be factual and found from reliable sources.
  • Objective: Content must be presented in a fair and unbiased manner.
  • Compliant: All content must follow legal and ethical guidelines regarding copyright, privacy, etc.

Editorial Principles

Xcitium’s editorial decisions and content are directed by the following principles:

  • Customer First: The content we create should objectively provide usefulness, insight, and value to those who interact with it.
  • Accurate & Reliable: We will fact-check and publish material only after fully validating substantiated sources.
  • Objective & Unbiased: Our goal is to provide content based on our expertise, but must remain objective, unbiased, and fair.
  • Diverse & Inclusive: Our content must attempt to incorporate all groups, avoid stereotypes, and promote an inclusive environment.

Our team utilizes these principles in determining the content created by Xcitium, as well as its presentation, and is held accountable for adhering to these standards.

Use of Content Creation Tools

Xcitium leverages digital tools such as:

  • AI Assistance: AI technology helps writers with research, content, and draft suggestions. However, AI acts as a supportive tool and is not a replacement for writers’ skills.
  • Stock Media: Stock media such as photographs, videos, and audio clips are sourced from accredited stock media providers such as Shutterstock. Any purchasing of media must strictly follow any licensing guidelines.
  • Image/Design Editing: Graphic design tools, such as Canva, assist in design-related tasks such as content formatting and visual optimization, and must follow brand guidelines.

Although technological tools can assist our editorial team to improve content, we recognize that these tools should not fully replace human discretion and creativity. Our guidelines regarding such tools are only intended to increase efficiency and provide support, without removing the creative discretion of the writer. Any image, design, or piece of media will be created or commissioned by our team and will not be fully automated.

The utilization of any third-party tools or content is carefully monitored by senior staff to ensure company quality standards are being met. Our use of technology is intended to support, rather than replace or compromise the reliability, accuracy, and value our customers expect from our content.

Use of AI Technology

Xcitium uses AI technology to improve the content creation process in the following ways:

  1. AI assists writers by making draft initial draft suggestions and providing secondary research. Our writers then rewrite and adjust what is provided by AI for their own purposes.
  2. Prior to publishing, all content goes through several stages of human review to ensure quality standards are being met.
  3. Senior leadership frequently reviews the use of AI across their teams to ensure it meets company guidelines regarding transparency and accuracy.
  4. A continuous auditing process is applied to published articles over their lifespan to ensure quality control. Any outdated, irrelevant, or conflicting piece is either updated or removed.

Transparency, human oversight, and continuous auditing guides the use of AI at Xcitium. We strive to provide useful content while upholding company quality standards. We believe AI can assist with writing, but must be paired with human expertise for creation and review. This allows us to efficiently produce content that benefits our customers.

Editorial Integrity

Xcitium prioritizes integrity in the following ways:

  • Adherence to ethical best practices regarding transparency, disclosures, etc.
  • Commitment to thoroughly checking facts and verifying information from multiple reliable sources.
  • Providing fair subject matter representation by consulting experts from all perspectives.
  • Promptly correcting any factual inaccuracies upon internal or external feedback.

Incorporating these pillars of integrity into every piece of content earns us trust and allows us to uphold credibility as a reliable source.

Currency of Information

Xcitium recognizes that information can change over time, which can potentially impact accuracy and relevance. All published articles are continuously reviewed by our editorial team. Any articles found to contain outdated information or corrections are revised and reissued promptly.

However, we also acknowledge rigorously catching every update is difficult. Our goal is to always provide customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information as reliably as possible.

Offering Feedback

Any input from our customers and visitors is highly valued by Xcitium. If you have any feedback regarding the accuracy, objectivity, or relevance of our content, please email marketing@xcitium.com with the following specifics:

  • What content you are referring to? Please be specific.
  • What issue you have identified?
  • Any additional sources or evidence of the inaccuracy or relevance.

Our team will carefully review all submissions and make every effort to respond to legitimate issues raised. Where appropriate, corrections or modifications will be made. Customer and visitor feedback directly enables us to improve our content and continues earning trust in Xcitium as a reliable source.

Xcitium promises to provide content of the highest quality and value to our customers. This is upheld by continually addressing feedback from all stakeholders.

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