Cloud Native Application Protection Platform
Secure Everything You Build and Run In The Cloud
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  • Unified: Container Security
  • Cloud Workload Security
  • Network Security
  • Applicaton Security
  • Data Security
  • Integrated with Endpoint Security
What is Xcitium CNAPP?
Expanding Zero Trust From Your Endpoints All the Way to your cloud workloads
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Xcitium CNAPP Combines:
  • Automated Zero Trust Cloud Security
  • Cloud-Native Application & Dev-Ops Security
  • Zero Trust Endpoint Security & Managed SOC Integrations
  • A Single, Unified Platform

Zero Trust Cloud Security Fully Integrated With Uniquely Pre-emptive Zero Trust Endpoint Security
Xcitium CNAPP Includes:

Cloud Security Posture Management

Monitors every layer of your cloud; detects Public Cloud misconfigurations (AWS, Azure, GCP)


Kubernetes Security Posture Management

Ensure Kubernetes environ compliance; K8 Workloads, c86 & ARM architectures

Layerd Multi-Cloud Security

Graduated Zerotrust Security for Container | VM | Workload Forensics and Hardening

Both AgentLess & Agent-based for security & hardening; Multi-Tenant/Multi-Cluster

Vulnerability Scanning

Risk Assessments & Prioritizations for Apps & Entire Infrastructure

CVEs, Secrets, PII Data, Malware, Unknowns, Attack Path Analysis, Anomaly Detection


Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Protects cloud workloads & services; In-line remediation; Zero Trust Workload Hardening


We Provide Pre-Defined Compliance Templates to Identify Gaps & Deviations

Automates compliance against standards; CIS, NIST, MITRE, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA

Code to Cloud

Integrated Secure Application Deployments

Security monitoring & auditing of CI/CD dev lifecycle, code repos, build services, container registries

Mission Critical Runtime Apps

Cloud-Native Zero Trust Runtime Security

Continuous Automated Visiblity; Monitors Web Apps & APIs, DevApps, Cloud Workloads, Networks


Application Security Posture Management

Application security testing, ticketing, CI/CD, Workflows

IoT | EDGE | 5G

Future-Proofed Innovations & Support

Hybrid/Multi-Cloud, On-Prem/DC, Public/Private Clouds, Edge Workload, 5G Workloads

Integrated Managed EDR | MDR | XDR

Patented Detection-Less Zero Trust Technology

Xcitium's CNAPP + Zero Trust Endpoint Security from one unified console.

Validate Zero Trust

Tested & Validated by world-leading independent security advisors


Cloud & Kubernetes Identify Entitlement Management on the roadmap

Rapid, Flexible Zero Trust Deployments

Xcitium CNAPP provides multi-cloud, multi-tenant security with flexible deploymenbts for all major cloud providers such as AWS, AZURE & GCP, Oracle Cloud, and also Private Cloud platforms (On-Prem) like VMWare, OpenStack etc.

  • Hybrid/Multi Cloud
  • On-Prem/DC
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Edge Workloads
  • 5G Workloads
Xcitium CNAPP Zero Trust Principles

Xcitium combines CNAPP capabilities with the following Zero Trust principles:

  1. Assume a hostile cyber ecosystem and remove all trust assumptions for apps, libs, and infrastructure - global Default Deny
  2. Apply a least-permission security policy against every application, and monitor every policy violation that the app performs
Xcitium Zero Trust CNAPP shifts the cybersecurity industry’s cloud security focus by identifying and allowing only what is good and what poses no risk.
  • CSPM/KSPM - Cloud/Kubernetes Security Posture Management
  • CWPP - Cloud Workload Protection Platform
  • Comprehensive Multi-Cloud, Hybrid (Public/Private) Cloud Security
  • Dev SecOps Security for CI/CD, SaaS, On-Prem
  • Detailed Telemetry for Auditing & Forensics
  • Integration with EDR, SIEM, AppSec. SOAR, etc
Xcitium CNAPP Dashboard
Why Businesses Need Xcitium CNAPP

Xcitium CNAPP is purpose-built for securing cloud environments with formidable Zero Trust protection of cloud-native applications, the entire cloud infrastructure, and the full application and supply chain lifecytcle, from code to cloud. Our holistic approach delivers Zero Trust runtime security from your endpoints all the way to your cloud workloads, and includes vulnerability scanning, threat detection, response, custom and automated policy recommendations and enforcements.

Cloud environments are valuable and important business investments, but they come with increased attack surface risks and security challenges. Cloud-native applications are dynamic and continuously changing, so traditional security strategies are famously incapable of keeping up with these moving targets. Xcitium CNAPP changes all that.

CNAPP benefits

    Secures applications and entire lifecycle with end-to-end security and vulnerability management.


    Scale your deployments up or down based on dynamic application workload instance changes, ensuring real time and continuous app security


    Our CNAPP security operations are largely autonomous, and this significantly lessens security-team burdens so they can focos on .


    Xcitium’s CNAPP Workload protection includes app behavior analysis with Application Behavior Modeling​, Application and Workload Hardening​, Network Segmentation​, Automated Zero Trust Runtime Security Policies​, and Multi-Cloud | Multi-Cluster Support​


    A single console for unified management of all security policies and operations, from your endpoints to your cloud workloads. Significant technology partnerships and integrations. Our CNAPP adapts to changes in your cloud and application environments. ensuring protection even while the infrastructure architecture evolves and changes.

Xcitium CNAPP - Runtime Protection
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Xcitium Client Security - Device
Endpoint Protection + Endpoint Detection & Response

Gain full context of an attack to connect the dots on how hackers are attempting to breach your network with ZeroDwell Containment, EPP, and Next-Gen EDR.

Xcitium MDR - Device
Xcitium Managed SOC - Device
Managed EDR - Detection & Response

We continuously monitor endpoint device activities and policy violations, and provide threat hunting and SOC Services, with 24/7 eyes on glass threat management. Managed SOC services for MSPs and MSSPs.

Xcitium MDR - Network | Cloud
Xcitium Managed SOC - Network | Cloud
Managed Extended Detection & Response

Outsourced Zero Trust managed - security with options for protecting endpoints clouds and/or networks, as well as threat hunting, SOC Services, with 24/7 expert eyes on glass threat management.

Xcitium CNAPP - Cloud Workload Protection

Xcitium's Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) provides automated Zero Trust cloud security for cloud-based applications and cloud workloads, including infrastructure DevOps from code to runtime.

Move Away From Detection With Patented Threat Prevention Built For Today's Challenges.

No one can stop zero-day malware from entering your network, but Xcitium can prevent if from causing any damage. Zero infection. Zero damage.

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