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Cutting edge cybersecurity debates and conversations from high profile CISOs and security leaders sharing their point of view on current and critical cyber challenges.

Xcitium's mission is to help customers avoid breaches with groundbreaking isolation technology that fully neutralizes ransomware, zero-day malware, and cyber-attacks that other security providers cannot. We deliver active breach prevention with ZeroDwell technology.

We've created our webinar series to help you solve problems, introduce you to new approaches, and keep you up to date on the current threat environment.

Xcitiums CISO Blend Webinars

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CISO Blend Volume 10: Transitioning the Entire Cybersecurity Industry from Reactive to Proactive

It only takes an average of 82 seconds for an employee to take the bait and fall victim to an attacker’s malicious code, causing serious harm to your business. At this point, you would be reacting to an attack that has already taken place.

The results are in:

Here is the current state of the art in cybersecurity:

  • Customers spend $262 BILLION Annually on Cybersecurity – in excess of a quarter of a trillion dollars per year – and yet they are not protected – Breaches continue, daily.
  • Attackers enjoy an Average Dwell Time in Customer environments of 162 Days – this is MONTHS of attacker dwell time.
  • Accelerating Digital Transformations add complexity and more unprotected infrastructure attack surfaces.
  • Security teams are overwhelmed by alert fatigue and false positives!
  • Adversaries are innovative, orchestrated, global, and lightning fast!
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CISO Blend Vol. 9
CISO Blend Vol. 9
CISO Blend Volume 9: The Future of MDR and Managed SOC Services for Enterprises | MSPs | MSSPs

Join experts as they debate the future of Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Managed SOC Services for Enterprises, MSPs, and MSSPs.

What you will learn in this Webinar:

  • The pros and cons of the merging of MDR and Managed SOC service providers.
  • The need for managed service providers to consolidate tools and Frankenstein solutions.
  • How the industry is evolving to include proactive and zero trust strategies in parallel with managed detection strategies.
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CISO Blend Volume 8: A Zero Trust Roundtable

In this ZERO TRUST ROUNDTABLE Webinar, CISOs convene to discuss and debate the ins and outs of Zero Trust strategies and architectures.

What you will learn in this Webinar:

  • What is Zero Trust and why is it an essential framework for security planning?
  • What are the strategic considerations required for adoption of Zero Trust?
  • In a Zero Trust world: what does it mean GUILTY TILL PROVEN INNOCENT?
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CISO Blend Vol. 8 A Zero Trust Roundtable
CISO Blend Webinar Volume 7

CISO Blend Webinar Volume 7: FREE Open Source EDR & Threat Hunting Basics

  • How to Deploy Xcitium's FREE Open-Source EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
  • Best Practices for EDR-based Threat Hunting & Alert Analysis
  • Live Remote Remediation & EDR Endpoint Interrogation
  • Layering-in Endpoint Protection and High-Fidelity Alerting to Eliminate Alert Fatigue
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CISO Blend Webinar Series Vol. 6: Delivering Effective Cybersecurity with a Skeleton Crew

Recorded February 02, 2pm ET

  • End User Security Awareness - Best Practices
  • How to Partner with the Right MSP / Security Vendor
  • SOC2 Certification Experiences & Cyber Insurance Recommendations
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CISO Blend Webinar Series Vol. 6

CISO Blend Webinar Series Vol. 5: When Even the Silver Bullets are Failing, Human Shield Defenses for Combating Cybercrime Today

Recorded November 30, 2pm ET

Threat actors harnessing the capability of converged technology for nefarious activities is deepening its hold on corporate America. As CISOs find ways to deal with the annoyance of spam and phishing campaigns, they're now faced with more sophisticated hackers using methods like deep fake capabilities to socially engineer employees into giving up sensitive information. Even multi-factor authentication, once deemed a silver bullet, is no longer fool proof.

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Ciso Webinar Vol 5 Slide
Ciso Webinar Vol 5 Slide

CISO Blend Webinar Series Vol. 4: Is the Industry Failing At Incident Response?

Recorded November 30, 2pm ET

How effective has Incident Response been over the last 20+ years? Yaron Levi, CISO at Dolby, and Tim Bandos, EVP, SOC Services at Xcitium, will delve deep into the current methods of practicing incident response (IR) and explore why current strategies continue to fail. They will also detail how to evolve your organization's IR plans to meet today's threats, and how to train your team to best respond to the current threat landscape and how to threat hunt effectively.

In this episode we will cover:

Best practices for visibility, collection, threat hunting and UEBA Why the industry has failed at incident response and the need for an evolution Practical approaches to IR based on scientific research and how to train your team.

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CISO Blend Webinar Series Vol. 3: Hunting for Stealthy Things

Recorded September 29, 2pm ET

Preventing file-less attacks & unknown malware from wreaking havoc on your organization can be a daunting task; especially if you lack visibility to detect it. It's critical to pro-actively hunt for this activity and ensure you're collecting the right telemetry across your network & endpoints. Anti-virus has proven to not be enough and EDR tools can become ineffective if they're not configured appropriately, lack individuals to monitor, or if they're only being used to simply alert. This presentation will focus on the tactics and techniques used by experienced hunters to seek out the unknown and the methods used for prevention.

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Ciso Webinar Vol 3 Slide
Ciso Webinar Vol 2 Slide

CISO Blend Webinar Series Vol. 2: Survival Guide to a Recession Driven Security Program

Recorded August 31, 2pm ET

Loss is not inevitable when it comes to your organization's security, even during economic downturns. In this episode of Xcitium's CISO Blend Webinar Series, CISO Steve Zalewski explains how to proactively recession-proof your security posture with ZeroDwell Containment of all Unknowns. The immediacy and practicality of this protection-first security solution allows you to reduce alert fatigue to absolute zero, today, and gain full peace of mind about your security program, tomorrow. You can then focus on business expansion and building wealth as the recession winds itself out and then heads toward recovery.

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CISO Blend Webinar Series Vol. 1: Incident Response Roulette: Don't Gamble Without a Plan

Recorded July 28, 2pm ET

Many organizations either lack practical Incident Response plans or have inadequate procedures for properly detecting and responding to attacks. Considering the onslaught of attempted and successful breaches that companies face today, it is critical to be prepared. Join industry veteran, Tim Bandos, for a deep dive into building an effective Incident Response Plan that can be easily tailored to any organization's needs.

In this episode we covered:

How to properly prepare for an incident through the development of a formal IR plan What key items need to be incorporated into an IR plan How to properly test an Incident Response plan to ensure it'll be effective during a cyber-attack.

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Ciso Webinar Vol 1 Slide
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