How To Protect Corporate Data From Cyber-Threats With Endpoint Security

Arthur 11 Oct, 2022 364 Views
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The endpoint is one of the most sought-after targets for cybercriminals to make their entry into their targets’ systems or networks. The corporate data is the main reason for the cybercriminals to target the business endpoints. Not all companies have implemented or are planning to implement endpoint security to protect the endpoints and to protect corporate data.

So if your business is just a startup – and you are unsure on what endpoint security is, It is vital to understand what is endpoint security and how effectively it can be implemented to protect the endpoints and to protect corporate data. Endpoint Security ensures the security of endpoint devices connected to the network. This prevents security threats that would arise when endpoint devices, like laptops, mobile devices, wireless devices etc are remotely connected to the network. This is accomplished usually by implementing an effective endpoint security manager, that includes a security software located on a centrally managed and accessible server or gateway within the network.

How To Protect Corporate Data From Security Breaches

To ensure proper endpoint security, the following things have to be done,

  1. Have a trusted, effective endpoint security manager in place; go for one with good features like Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager and proven track record. Investing in the right endpoint security manager would never be a loss.
  2. Use personal identification numbers or password access control for all endpoint devices that are connected to the network. This is simple and guarantees security in many ways. There would be proper monitoring and at the same time, it would also ensure that no one else tries and access any of these devices.
  3. Go for hard disk encryption in the usual endpoint devices, thereby making it difficult for any outsider or hacker to use the content in case the device is lost or gets stolen.
  4. Always use effective antivirus software in the systems connected to the network and also make sure the endpoint devices are protected with antivirus software.
  5. Almost importance is the need to create awareness among the users within the company on how important endpoint security is. It’s the users within an organization who are more effective than any antivirus program or internet security product in keeping malware and trouble at bay.

The Current Stats On Company Breaches

50% of the enterprises acknowledge that they are blown out by security breaches in the recent past an 20% of the IT decision makers assure that their businesses are prone to such security breaches in the next 18 months.

Security research experts claim that corporate data of current businesses are archived in laptops and desktops and not in centralized servers and data centers. Nearly 63% of the organization claim that they would compromise business data and hence destroy the business.

The survey included samples of close to 800 IT decision makers and 450 business decision makers including companies’ CEOs from the US, UK, and Germany. In the recent past, three by fourth of the IT decision makers have enhanced their information security teams by 10%.

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