Staying Safe From Online Threats

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The proliferation of technology in the recent times have been the reason for the evolution of hacks, scams, malware and more and it makes us feel that the Internet is a dangerous place these days.

Here are some online security tips to help you stay safe from online threats

Create Complex Passwords: You must be hearing the same over and over again and yes it’s important to do it right away. Complex passwords are a key to online safety and there are some users who do not understand the importance of creating complex passwords.

The internet is loaded with prying hackers around waiting for opportunities to impose attacks to gain monetary benefits. Their first attempt to gain access to a victim’s system is by cracking passwords. If they find it right, they are successful in their hacking attempt. So, set complex passwords with a combination of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters and special characters. Avoid using the same password across all the accounts.

Keep your computers and mobile devices up to date: The trend is here, we carry our own device everyday – we store our contact numbers, photos, videos, are personal conversations, sometimes we save our passwords and login credentials in our phones. Life is made easy with smartphones, laptops and PCs – however, there are risks associated with these devices too.

We have to implement the all possible preventive measures to stay secure from these notorious hackers. Keeping your devices up-to-date with the latest security update on all the associated software, web browser, operating system, etc would help you stay away and ahead of malware and other online threats. Automate the updates, to ensure instant security fixes as soon as they are made available by the software vendor.

Beware of phishing scams: We live in a digitalized world and all our communications are done through emails. We get advertisements on running and upcoming new offers, we get our account statements from banks, job offers from various job portals and what not. However, not all the emails that come into your inbox are genuine.

It is vital to filter out spam emails coz opening one can bring about a massive security breach to you or your organization. Phishing scammers send scam mails that look exactly like genuine emails to trick users to click on the link or attachments that would certainly redirect users to a malware-laden website which can trick the users to share all the private login credentials and all that is required to cause an online data theft. So, do not fall for deals and offers that looks too good to believe, if you are not sure of the source of email and you find it suspicious refrain from opening such emails and links and attachments pertaining to it.

Safeguard your personal Information: make the most of the privacy settings available across all the social media forums. Stay away from strangers and do not stay connected to people whom you do not know. Remember, personal information is to be kept personal.

Do not use public Hotspots: When you are travelling, and you must check emails and do some business conversation online, stay connected through VPN Access and do not connect your devices to free public hotspots. These free public hotspots do not encrypt the communications and hence all the transactions done through public hotspots are made available to any hackers who can gain access to any of the personal or confidential business information.

Use a Security Software: Ensure you are armed with an effective security suite to protect your digital space. There are a lot of security products available, however, choosing the right security software is a key to staying safe from online threats.

Xcitium Endpoint Protection provides a 360-degree protection to all the endpoints like computers, servers, laptops, smartphones and other IoT devices connected to the business network from all the online threats. It combines antivirus, firewall, and other sophisticated security methods like containment technology, threat analysis and Host Intrusion Prevention methods which makes it challenging for hackers to enter your digital space and helps you staying safe from online threats.

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