The Basic Endpoint Security Software For Business

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Every day is witnessing a security attack of one kind or the other. Although it is true that hackers are deploying sophisticated attacks which easily beat even the highly technically-equipped security systems of today, the fact that many enterprises fail in getting the basics right when it comes to network protection is something which cannot be totally ignored. In fact, if you are a frequent follower of security threat related incidents, you’ll realize that almost 70% of the victims of today are the ones who’d probably failed to get the basics right.

One important (and inseparable) aspect of network protection is endpoint security. Simply put, the boundaries of your network are strong enough so that they stay secure against various security threats of today. So what are the endpoints? Why is it important? Let’s take a look at the answers to some of these questions.

What Are Endpoints?

Just as a line has two endpoints (or ends), enterprise networks have several, with a centralized server for managing the entire network’s data placed right in the middle of it. Endpoints within the network can be a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. Any device with can connect and access the information available within the network is an endpoint. It could well be a server like mentioned earlier.

Why Is Endpoint Security Important?

Each endpoint serves as an entry point into the network. Therefore if hackers choose to hack your network, they are probably going to target these endpoints (or entry points). Because compromising even a single endpoint device can give them access to your entire network. Therefore securing these endpoints is a must for various enterprises.

Endpoint protection or security is a part of the bigger picture that is Information Security. Back in the 80s and 90s, not much importance was associated with endpoint protection. But since the 2000s which brought along with it the Wi-Fi and laptops changed the security landscape dramatically. And it is during this period that gained popularity among various enterprises.

How Does Endpoint Security Offer Protection?

As you can realize, it not only offers protection to networks but also to endpoints themselves. To give a simple example, they can offer protection to endpoints and the networks to which they are connecting to by establishing what is known as VPN connections which protect the data being transferred between them from hacking. Apart from this, network administrators can impose various security policies for keeping their networks and the endpoints clean. (Security policies usually decide how an endpoint can behave within a network).

Next-Gen Endpoint Security Solutions Offer Real-Time Analysis

Real-time analysis (or 24/7 monitoring) is extremely crucial for endpoint protection. Only if enterprises can efficiently monitor or analyze their endpoints, will they recognize any abnormal activity. This and many other such security provisions only come with the next-gen endpoint security tools. Therefore it’s best for enterprises to always opt for next-gen solutions when it comes to securing their networks.

To Summarize:

Endpoints are easy targets for hackers and therefore need protection
Endpoints can be laptops, desktops, servers, tablets or other such mobile devices
It is a part of the bigger picture that is Infomation Security
It gained importance since the introduction of Wi-Fi
Always go for next-gen endpoint security tools for protecting your networks

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