Endpoint Security Solutions For Enterprise Protection

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Endpoint security is about protecting your network from the various security threats various enterprise endpoints pose. Be it a laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other such device (owned by you as well as your employees) which can connect to the network. As you realize, the protection this tool brings to an enterprise is crucial. Something which cannot be ignored or taken lightly.

Now the question is: how do you select the right endpoint security for enterprise protection? (out of the many which are available in the market). Therefore let’s take a glance at a number of the options associate endpoint security or protection tools ought to contain to create them utterly capable of protecting enterprise networks.

An Endpoint Security Tool should….

1. Contain Sandboxing Capabilities: Using Sandboxing technology, you can run suspicious processes and applications separately in a restricted environment and allow them into your network only after establishing the fact that they are not potentially harmful to your network. This is especially useful in handling security threats posed by unknown applications.

2. Include Web URL Filtering: Web URL filtering is the process controlling the websites your employees may visit by checking the URLs of the websites they visit against your corporate security policy (your database to be more precise which contains a list of approved URLs) and deciding whether they should be given the access or not. Usually, enterprises using web filtering can prevent their employees from accessing high-risk websites.

3. Contain Firewall: Firewall is another essential component of endpoint security. They are responsible for governing what goes comes into and what goes out of your networks. Apart from this, they play a vital role in shielding your open ports and different such prone areas inside your network. Finally, they are responsible for configuring your network’s security policy.

4. Include A Strong Antivirus: Antivirus packages are responsible for scanning various endpoints which connect to your network and checking them against the list of known and unknown files they contain. Some advanced antivirus packages are also capable of conducting behavior analysis which is crucial in handling modern-day malware.

5. Be Equipped With HIPS (Host Intrusion Protection System): HIPS technology protects the host network from various harmful intrusions based on behavior analysis. Simply put, it stops malware from entering your network by monitoring the behavior of the code rather than relying on a list. Technically speaking, HIPS is important for run time detection – for intercepting actions as and when they occur. Above all, it alerts network administrators about the possible actions they can take.

6. Contain File Lookup Services (FLS): Although you have tools like antivirus software and firewalls for scanning files, it often pays to deploy endpoint security tools which come equipped with specialized File Lookup Services (FLS) provision. Because such a provision can reduce work overload as the examined files can be safely excluded from further monitoring.

7. Be Capable Of Conducting Behavior Analysis: Behavior analysis is crucial for recognizing modern-day malware. Gone are the days when endpoint security tools relied on ‘known attack patterns’ or malware signatures for mitigating security threats. New malware is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Therefore the need of the hour is an endpoint security system which can conduct behavior analysis and detect any abnormal activity within your network.

All This and More Available With Xcitium Endpoint Security

Xcitium Endpoint Security, which is a part of one. Xcitium group of products, is an advanced endpoint security tool which protects enterprises by successfully implementing the features listed above and also by addressing other crucial aspects of endpoint security. Be it Microsoft Windows Servers, Desktops, Laptops or other smart devices, use our effective endpoint security tool and mitigate various security threats your enterprise network might be subjected to.

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