Get the latest ZeroThreat technologies as a fully managed platform, or as a standalone product, or as an add-on to your existing security profile, to improve your end to end security experience and prevent breaches at run-time.

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Zero Breaches. Zero Downtime. Zero Damage.

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Why Zero Dwell Time Matters

When it comes to securing your enterprise endpoints, it’s important to understand that detection-based solutions will never detect 100% of what is malicious. Unknown objects may be perfectly harmless and required for system functionality or they may be dangerous zero-day threats or APTs that can cause mega breaches. Your cyber security solution must be able to detect the difference to prevent breaches but also to enable productivity. Xcitium’s Patented ZeroThreat technology defeats zero-day attacks with no impact to the end user experience, unlike any other security technologies on the market today.

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Control your security impact

A single unified endpoint solution offering exploit prevention, advanced threat hunting,
and endpoint management to stop ransomware, avoid breaches, and sustain your business.​

Excellence in the Industry

Xcitium solutions and services are recognized by leading industry associations, authorities,
and analysts. Our innovative technologies are securing organizations worldwide.
Endpoint Protection

100% in protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and email threats.

100% in the detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks.

Malware Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection can protect against the unknown file and solves the malware problem

Endpoint Protection
4.3/5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform

83% Recommend Xcitium
IT and Security Management Platform

2018 Trust Award Best Managed Security Service

2019 Finalist Threat Intel Technology

Endpoint Protection
60x | Awards in Firewall

4.2 /5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform

4.3 /5 Rating for Advanced Endpoint Protection

4.5 /5 Rating for Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced Endpoint Security and Internet Security

Last test: March 2022
Recent result: 100%

2x | 2022 Excellence Award

Total awards granted: 16
Product of the year: 2021, 2020


Discover Endpoint Security Bundles

Xcitium ZeroThreat Essentials

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Move from Detection to Prevention With ZeroThreat to isolate infections such as ransomware & unknowns.

Xcitium ZeroThreat Advanced (EDR)

Endpoint Detection & Response

Gain full context of an attack to connect the dots on how hackers are attempting to breach your network.

Xcitium ZeroThreat Advanced (X/MDR)

Managed Detection & Response

We continuously monitor activities or policy violations providing cloud and network virtualized containment, as well as threat hunting SOC services, and 24/7 eyes on glass threat management.

Move Away From Ineffective Detection-First Strategies With Patented Breach Prevention Built For Today's Challenges!


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