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Announcing Open Source Endpoint Detection and Response: Cyber Protection for Free EDR

Defend your organization or business against malware and ransomware with Open Source EDR, available for free to everyone and anyone! OpenEDR is a world-class endpoint telemetry platform developed entirely in-house by Xcitium. It provides complete MITRE-framework attack analytics with real-time threat progression visibility, sophisticated correlations, and root-cause determinations. Xcitium uses OpenEDR in its commercial EDR offering as part of its Enterprise Platform to perform advanced telemetry visualizations, threat and data investigations, and endpoint remediations. Now it’s yours! Join OpenEDR’s open source community today!

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Why OpenEDR?
  • Use OpenEDR to enable continuous and complete endpoint detection and response monitoring.
  • Open EDR helps to Prevent endpoints from malware and ransomware.
  • Get comprehensive endpoint detection and response ecosystem visibility into attacks.
  • To strengthen your endpoint detection response against future EDR attacks, use the complete telemetry and correlated attack progression insights produced by the OpenEDR®.

The OpenEDR developers think that a fundamental cybersecurity EDR stack should become a right and that EDR should never be restricted to the privileged. By making this source code available for free, all financial obstacles to costly endpoint detection response systems are removed, and this fundamental EDR technology is now made available as a genuine "right." Claim your right to OpenEDR® now.

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Get the source code, set up your EDR environment, and customize your EDR solution to fit your requirements.

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Free EDR Xcitium Essentials

Move from detection-first, to protection-first, with patented ZeroDwell Containment. Profoundly effective isolation of ransomware and Unknowns at runtime.​

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Free EDR Xcitium Advanced

Gain full context and visibility of an attack with dynamic Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) plus pre-emptive ZeroDwell Containment to connect the dots about adversarial attacks.​

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Free EDR Xcitium Guided

Receive 24/7 SOC Monitoring, High Fidelity Alerting, plus protection against all Unknown Threats​

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Free EDR Xcitium Managed

Managed threat detection and response (MDR) with pre-emptive ZeroDwell Containment of Endpoints; includes EDR plus threat hunting, SOC Services, and 24/7 eyes on glass security experts.

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Free EDR Xcitium Complete

Enterprise-wide monitoring of threats (M/XDR) with ZeroDwell Containment for cloud, network, endpoints, data, plus threat hunting, SOC Services, and 24/7 eyes on glass security experts.

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