In 2021, 55% of remote workers continue to use personal devices for work. But, using personal devices for work can pose risks for a business. It is possible that a cybersecurity attack can infiltrate the whole network, leading to a data breach. As such, companies must make an effort to improve cybersecurity with this EDR Tools List.


Between EDR and antivirus, which is better? Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Antivirus are standard terms in cybersecurity. Both focus on detecting and removing any possible threats found within a network. But first, it is essential to understand what an endpoint is all about.

So, what is an endpoint, and why do companies need this EDR tools list? Endpoints refer to devices that can connect to a network. These devices are the ones that a person regularly use in their daily lives, including:

EDR Vendors
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • IoT devices
  • and more!
What EDR security does is it monitors the network for attacks and remediates them when detected. The tool is behavior-based and companies can get them through EDR vendors. It takes on a proactive approach as it can detect unknown threats before the threat infiltrates the whole network. Also, it isolates any suspicious data by sandboxing, which ensures the file’s safety. Meanwhile, antivirus software uses signature matching to detect threats from a device. It helps remove viruses such as worms, malware, and trojan horses in files. Users can also schedule threat scans with antivirus to keep their devices secure. However, antivirus software can only detect visible attacks. This reason makes EDR perfect for endpoints since it can detect unknown threats within a network. Take note that organizations do not need to utilize both EDR security and antivirus, as they can cause technical issues on devices.

What Aspects Should Organizations Consider When Choosing EDR Software tools List?

There are a lot of EDR vendors in the market today. Each of them offers various features that can protect endpoints against different threats. As such, organizations should consider these factors when choosing EDR.

  • Standard EDR tools Security Features

    When selecting EDR, organizations should check whether the basic features exist in the software. Continuous monitoring should be the most crucial feature of EDR since it detects and isolates a threat at any time. Other basic features that an EDR must have include whitelisting/blacklisting and data analysis.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

    The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in businesses implementing the remote work setup. But, some employees continue to use personal devices for work, posing security risks. That said, companies should choose an EDR security that consists of RMM features. With RMM, organizations can manage endpoints even if they are in different places.

  • EDR tools Automation

    Doing repetitive tasks can be unproductive. As such, it might be best if the EDR software includes an automation feature. With automation, the IT team can focus on the most crucial tasks and better manage the endpoint.

EDR Tools List: Best Vendors In The Market For Organizations

There are many options in the market, so which is the best? Below is an EDR Tools List that consists of the best security tool for every organization. All vendors listed below have the necessary features required for EDR. Let’s take a look!

  • Xcitium EDR tools

    Xcitium is a leading cybersecurity vendor that offers reliable endpoint security. Its software provides an intelligent file analysis that can analyze a user’s behavior. With this feature, the EDR can detect any suspicious activity and alert the IT team. Also, this solution consists of SIEM integration and attack chain visualization.

  • Symantec Endpoint

    Symantec Endpoint protects all kinds of endpoints through threat hunting and remediation. One exciting feature about this EDR is that it can lure attackers by putting a bait. This software can expose those attackers and prevent them from infiltrating the network.

  • FireEye Endpoint

    FireEye Endpoint is a type of software that offers advanced and continuous threat monitoring. It has the ability to detect known and unknown threats. However, this software is not applicable for iOS and Android devices.

Improve Your Organization's EDR Tools List With Xcitium

At Xcitium, we understand that cybersecurity is crucial for every organization. As one of the leading EDR vendors worldwide, we offer innovative EDR solutions that detect and remediate threats effectively. We hope that this list can help you decide which EDR security to get. If you wish to learn more about EDR, you may browse our site and request a demo today.

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