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Introducing Open Source Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR)

OpenEDR is a sophisticated, free, open source endpoint detection and response solution. It provides analytic detection with Mitre ATT&CK visibility for event correlation and root cause analysis of threats in real time. OpenEDR detects adversarial activity and behaviors by leveraging attack signatures mapped to the MTIRE framework. This world-class endpoint telemetry platform is available to all cyber-security professionals, and every sized organization, to defend against threat actors and cyber criminals.

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Deploy free OpenEDR to:

  • Enable continuous and comprehensive endpoint monitoring
  • Protect your endpoints against malware and ransomware
  • Gain deep attack visibility and visualization of your entire endpoint ecosystem
  • Use the comprehensive telemetry and correlated attack progression insights generated by the OpenEDR to harden your endpoints against future attacks

The creators of OpenEDR believe that EDR should never be accessible only to the privileged, and that a fundamental cybersecurity stack must become a right. By offering this innovative source code for free, all financial barriers to expensive EDR solutions are eliminated, and this foundational technology is offered as a bona fide ‘right.’ Claim your right to OpenEDR today.

Here’s how you can experience OpenEDR!
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Access the source code, configure your environment, and refine your own solution to meet your needs.

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Open Source EDR
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