Still On XP? Here Is Some Advice

Arthur 11 Oct, 2022 576 Views
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We would never advise using an unsupported operating system. Everytime Microsoft issues a security patch for its supported OSs, it provides information that hackers can analyze and exploit against the unpatched Windows XP.  However, one month after the end of Microsoft’s support for Windows XP there seems to be a hard core of users still on the venerable operating system and resisting upgrades. This in spite of a massive effort by the folks in Redmond to convince them to get off of XP.

Ultimately, we believe the user rules. If you are one of those hold outs, for whatever reason, here is some advice.

  1. Microsoft is still providing extended support and providing security patches, but at a considerable fee. If you are an XP user in a large organization that can afford it, you should investigate if it makes sense for your organization to participate. For some, like financial institutions that have ATMs using XP it is a no brainer and we would assume they are already on the Microsoft extended plan. Make sure you understand your organization’s position and be sure you are in compliance.
  2. Dump the Internet Explorer browser. There are numerous vulnerabilities already identified that are not going to be fixed in the older, Windows XP compatible versions. Xcitium provides Firefox and Chromium based browsers that add security and privacy protection not found in other browsers. They have: Security enhancements that surpass those in Firefox and Chromium‘s technology.
    Domain Validation technology that identifies and segregates superior SSL certificates from inferior ones
    Privacy protection that stops cookies and other Web spies and prevents all Browser download tracking to ensure your privacy.
  3. Use a firewall. Many users think antivirus is enough to clean malware, but a firewall will detect and prevent intrusions in the first place.
  4. Use an antivirus that is committed to supporting Windows XP users. It just so happens that Xcitium Internet Security is, and includes a firewall that can be installed with the suite or separately. Xcitium Internet Security is a particularly appropriate choice. Its “Default Deny” architecture, that sandbox all programs that cannot be verified as safe, is the best protection against the type of “zero-day” threats that are growing for Windows XP