Xcitium Makes Updates To Internet Security Including CAV And Firewall

Arthur 11 Oct, 2022 647 Views
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At Xcitium, we have released updates today to Xcitium Internet Security (CIS), which also contains Xcitium Antivirus and Xcitium Firewall, in order to address a few security vulnerabilities that were recently reported by the Google Project Zero team.

The updated version of the new Xcitium Internet Security product range is CIS

Xcitium also has an updated version of Xcitium Cloud Antivirus (version number 1.1.384558.142) which uses a combination of virus monitoring, auto-sandbox technology and behavior analysis technologies to immediately protect your computer from all known and unknown malware

We want to thank the Google Project Zero Team for raising these vulnerabilities and working with us so that we could address them promptly, way ahead of traditional 90-day hotfix timeframes. Within our hotfix cadence, we’ve addressed all the vulnerabilities and have no evidence that any of these vulnerabilities were exploited in the wild.

When it comes to vulnerabilities, Xcitium takes this issue very seriously and our engineers continue to leverage feedback and findings from customers, developers, engineers and users across the globe to continuously make Xcitium’s security products the safest and most secure possible.

As we at Xcitium have stated in the past, what is important in software development is how companies address an issue if a certain vulnerability is found – either by the company itself or even the user of the product. If you believe you found a vulnerability or issue in any of our products or partner products distributed with our products, please contact with us at security@xcitium.com.

To get more information on CIS, Xcitium Antivirus or any of our other consumer versions of our products, please visit:

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