Can Ransomware Infect NAS Drives And Other Devices?

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Can Ransomware Infect NAS Drives And Other Devices?

Network-attached storage otherwise known as NAS is a file-level computer server that is connected to a network. It links together various groups of clients or devices. NAS drive is used to collate a network of appliances and devices. It is often used to easily share files among connected multiple computers. NAS drives and other similar devices are favored by companies, corporations, and big organizations as they effectively link together computers that hold data.

While NAS drives are preferred for being affordable and accessible, it is not free from malware attacks such as the new ransomware. This article looks into the question “can ransomware infect NAS.” Also, it finds ways on how to solve issues that put NAS drives and other devices at risk. Users are invited to read this article to know more about the dangers of ransomware in NAS devices.

Can Ransomware Infect NAS?

The zdnet ransomware attack is one of the popular cyber attacks in recent memory. It was able to target even the local government offices in the United States. This malware attack was able to target corporate supercomputers, personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices. Even the seemingly safe and secured NAS devices can be affected. Hence, the short answer to the question “can ransomware infect NAS” is Yes.

When one of the devices connected to the network gets infected, the zdnet ransomware will infect other connected devices. The malware will encrypt the data of the affected computers which can only be recovered through paying a certain amount of “ransom.” For those who are unable to pay the necessary fee, it would result in the loss of data and other information.

What The New Ransomware Can Do To Your NAS Devices

It is not enough that we know the answer to the question: can ransomware infect NAS. We must also know the implications of such a possible attack on our computer devices. Aside from losing sensitive personal and important data stored in our devices, the zdnet ransomware could also expose our public agencies into threats from terrorist organizations and other groups that will destabilize our communities. Data is power. Hence, those who will gain access to our sensitive data can weaponize our own information against us.

Just like most cases of ransomware attacks, NAS device users will be notified on how to can recover their lost data. Paying the ransom promises a way to decrypt their computer files. Still, there is no assurance that the files can be restored once the payment is paid. For private and public offices, the delay of recovering these files could ruin the service they provide to their customers, patrons, and constituents.

Protecting NAS Devices From A Ransomware Attack

After knowing the answer to the question “can ransomware infect NAS,” the next thing to know is how to protect ourselves from any attacks from new ransomware and other malware out there. Zdnet ransomware and other similar attacks are threatening because they could potentially wipe out data storage. Hence, the best way to counter this risk is to back up our files and information. We should not rely on our personal computer devices. Instead, we must learn how to archive so that we would not fear any possible attack. This means that despite a ransomware infection, we would still be able to recover our data from our personal backup plans.

Another way to protect ourselves from a new ransomware attack is to keep our software updated. This is to ensure that our antivirus and anti-malware programs are updated to any new and emerging threat. Malware like ransomware is redesigned as well. This means that it is the responsibility of the users to keep their devices up-to-date in order to avoid any problems in the future.


It is always valid to ask ourselves “can ransomware infect NAS” given the effectiveness of the malware to infect even supposedly secured computer devices. Still, it is not enough that we answer this question. We must install the necessary tools to ensure that our devices are free from future cyber-attacks.

While the purpose of this article is to answer the question: can ransomware infect NAS, it is also a reminder to constantly backup our files. In doing so, we do not become vulnerable to attacks online in the near future. Aside from backing up, it is also essential that NAS drive users equip themselves with anti-malware protection. There are numerous programs online that promise protection from attacks such as ransomware infection.

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