Obama And Romney Finally Agreed On Something

Arthur 11 Oct, 2022 557 Views
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November 6th is upon us, which in the United States means it is Election Day. And it isn’t just any Election Day but for the position of President of the United States. For months on end the 2012 Presidential Campaign has had few topics in which the two candidates actually agree on. In what has been one of the most heated campaigns in recent memory, between incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican candidate, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, these two have essentially argued over everything from pulling the troops out of Afghanistan, Healthcare, and the budgets with what seems to be no intentions of any bipartisan compromise.

When pressed about the removal of the troops from Afghanistan President Obama gave a very specific exit strategy that starts with the withdrawal of troops at the end of 2012 to the passing of the security controls over to the Afghan forces by 2014. Romney has stated that he felt this was a move meant to accommodate the current economic climate in the United States and that he would not have based his decisions on the economy but rather the politics of the withdrawal.

Healthcare has been another huge issue between the two candidates. President Obama has been working on his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known to the public as ObamaCare) or “ACA”; which has drawn a lot of criticism from the Republican Party. While the ACA was passed by congress in March of 2010 and the Supreme Court recently approved its constitutionality, it is still being criticized outwardly. Romney has stated he also has a plan (known to the general public as RomneyCare) which was put into place in his home state of Massachusetts and would build upon those attributes on a larger scale if he is elected.

The federal budget has been at the top of the list to anyone following the campaign. Obama wants to allow the Bush era tax cuts to expire and would continue to reduce the deficit by about $4 trillion over the course of 10 years (this includes 2012). President Obama has issued a 53 paged report detailing his entire plan. Romney on the other hand wants to make all the Bush era tax cuts permanent while making some specific cuts, which he made public during his campaign and the debates. These cuts would include: Repealing the Affordable Care Act, cutting funds to PBS and to reduce the federal workforce by 10%, just to name a few.

Could these two have agreed on anything over the last 18 months?

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It is good to see that these two political heavyweights, regardless of their views and opinions on countless topics, can at least agree on one very important thing.