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Unleash The Power Of Zero.

There are 450,000+ unknown threats & files released. Every. Single. Day.
How do you know which ones are safe and which ones are malicious?
You don't. This causes alert fatigue.

Our ZeroThreatâ„¢ platform provides you peace of mind by protecting your organization first before detection. This provides you & your cybersecurity team the time required to safely investigate these unknown threats while keeping your endpoints up & running. When properly configured, we have a zero breach track record.

Take our platform for a spin and see for yourself!

  • Security Consolidation: Reduces complexity and eliminates alert fatigue with a single protection-first solution available as either a standalone product, or as an add-on to existing security infrastructure, or as a unified X/MDR platform.
  • Zero Dwell Containment at runtime: Prevents both commodity and sophisticated attacks with kernel-level virtualization at runtime, enacting powerful, protective, instantaneous containment of all unknowns on the endpoint without the overhead of sandboxing.
  • Continuous monitoring, visibility, and insight: Xcitium's Unified Endpoint Platform integrates ZeroThreat technologies with its highly-rated advanced endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, endpoint management, and extended X/MDR with global threat intel and advanced threat hunting, to offer a single cloud-accessible solution.
  • Proactive threat hunting and pre-emptive threat response: Contained attacks are no longer threats. So security teams are no longer burdened by alert fatigue and can focus on advanced, proactive threat hunting, environment hardening, and pre-emptive responses to future attacks.
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The Threats Are Real?

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