Corporate networks are becoming more complicated as time goes by. This is why you need to have security strategies that are just as complex in order to protect your entire organization. As the cybersecurity field continues to evolve, endpoint security service has become its most crucial subset.

What is an endpoint security service?

Endpoint security service is the approach of protecting an organization’s network by ensuring that all endpoints, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more are secured.

The strategies involved in endpoint security service may include antivirus, web filtering, email filtering, and firewall services.

Endpoint security service plays an important role for businesses as it’s one way to guarantee the safety of critical systems, customer data, intellectual property, employees, and clients from different kinds of cyberattacks.

EDR Endpoint Security Service

1.Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) An Endpoint Protection Platform is designed to provide reactive protection through the scanning of files as they enter your network. Traditional antivirus software would be a good example.

2.Endpoint Detection & Remediation (EDR)An Endpoint Detection & Remediation platform, on the other hand, provides a more proactive solution. It continuously monitors all files and applications that enter your endpoints. This provides you with stronger threat detection and network protection.

What’s the difference between antivirus software and endpoint security service?

Knowing the difference between an antivirus product and a full endpoint security service all comes down to scope.

Antivirus software is launched on a single endpoint and scans its contents to hunt down any dangerous files or known malware. Most antivirus tools get frequent updates, which allow them to automatically quarantine suspicious data.

On the contrary, an endpoint security service takes care of the entire network of an organization instead of just a single device. It identifies, flags, and blocks potential malware by running scans at the edge of the network’s perimeter. It also protects every new device that comes into the network.

Key Components of a Reliable Endpoint Security Service

If you’re looking for the right endpoint solution for your company, you need to look closely at exactly what you will be receiving after the purchase. Don’t be swayed by vendors who claim to offer a complete suite but may actually be lacking essential components that other products include.

To give you a better understanding of what you should be looking for, here are some of the most vital factors of a good endpoint security service:

  1. Device protection – Is there a feature that protects your mobile endpoint? Your endpoint security solution should include protection for mobile devices and not just computers.
  2. Network controls – The endpoint security system should serve as a comprehensive firewall that has the capacity to sort through all incoming traffic and identify potential risks.
  3. Application controls – The product should be easily integrated with application servers to oversee and limit the kind of endpoint access they have.
  4. Data controls – Are there tools included to prevent data leaks and augment data security via encryption of sensitive information?
  5. Browser protections – A dependable endpoint security service would have a web filter option for you to restrict what types of sites your users are able to access while connected to your network.

How does endpoint security service work?

Endpoint security service works by managing corporate endpoints through a series of policy settings. For example, it would be a smart move for admins to block access to suspicious websites and other malicious content.

A next-generation endpoint security service should be cloud-based while using real-time machine learning to continuously keep track of an endpoint’s threat detection, protection, and prevention.

Well-grounded endpoint security products bring safety to physical and virtual devices to ward off modern, multi-vector threats. Essentially, it would use behavioral heuristics to evaluate files and executables in a timely manner, which proactively and predictively stops threats.

Benefits of Endpoint Security Service

Let’s take a closer look at the specific benefits a topnotch endpoint security service could bring your company:

  • Security across all devices
  • Stop attacks before they can do damage
  • Increased productivity
  • Protection for your customers
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Compliance satisfaction

Foregoing a good endpoint security service could have a hugely detrimental effect on your entire organization. You could lose access to your valuable data—risking the very survival of your business.

Put simply, endpoint security is crucial for businesses of all sizes.

Keep in mind that cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new ways to take advantage of the human workforce, breach networks, steal and exploit private information. It doesn’t matter whether you only have 10 employees or a multinational enterprise, you need to make sure you have reliable endpoint security solutions in place.

Xcitium can help you with just that. We offer a complete endpoint security service that encompasses all essential solutions, such as EPP, advanced endpoint breach protection, EDR, and MDR.

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