Automation in Cybersecurity

The increasing number of attacks from hackers that security operation teams handle every day can sometimes become overwhelming. It sometimes leaves them with little to no time to handle other tasks that may help in mitigating and remediating more security risks. This is where automation becomes important.

Automation’s primary role for your IT team is to shift their focus to proactive problem-solving tasks rather than doing repetitive and mundane tasks that may be done by software.


Automated EDR

Automation can also be applied to one of the rising security solutions recently, endpoint detection and response or EDR. Automated EDR employs the same concept as the standard EDR but integrates automation which assists to streamline the process of detection, enabling faster investigation and response.

What is Automated Detection and Response?

Just like any other task, human intervention is required in cybersecurity operations. However, some tasks can be automated and be done by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is sometimes smarter than keeping it in the hands of humans. This is because human error can pose risks as well to your network.Tasks that can be automated include monitoring systems that perform threat hunting. Attacks become more and more advanced and sophisticated every day but with automation, your security operation team can simply browse and navigate through all the alerts. This way, they are given the opportunity to respond to more advanced and obscure threats.

Automating your cybersecurity ultimately saves time and improves efficiency for your security team and your security solutions.

What Is Endpoint Detection and Response?

Endpoint detection and response is a security solution that detects threats in your network and triggers an alert for an investigation. It also operates through monitoring your data and analyzing it to detect abnormalities through its behavioral analysis capability.

It was recently introduced in the cybersecurity market but it has already gained popularity and for good reason. Getting an automated EDR for your business will provide your security operations team a higher endpoint visibility on all devices connected to your network. It will then lead to early detection of an attack before it causes significant effects to your business.



Security providers, such as those that provide automated EDR, collect a substantial amount of data. This data will remain as mere data unless it is analyzed and organized into actionable steps.


Identifying threats quickly does not stop malicious attacks, protection response should be generated faster than attacks spread. Automation allows you to be one step forward than your attackers. The best place now to place the security response is on the next possible location the cyber attackers will penetrate and not on the source of the threat.

Automation expedites this process and avoids straining your resources. An automated EDR not only expedites the process but will also trigger a quicker response and investigation to remediate advanced threats.


Detecting infections on your network must be done faster than the movement of the infection itself. Doing this requires analyzing the huge amount of data that has been collected and finding combinations on your system that indicate infection.

Automation can do the work from collecting to analyzing data saving you time and resources. In automated EDR, aside from being able to speed up the detection and streamline its process, you can also get a faster response that is appropriate to the traced threat.


Cybersecurity continues to evolve day by day and even hackers are already taking advantage of automation to wreak havoc in your system. Keeping up with their tactics and being one step ahead of them through automated EDR will surely up your security game and prevent the grave consequences an attack may cause.

With automated EDR as well, a huge chunk of burden will be lifted off your IT team’s shoulder giving them more time to focus on looking for proactive ways to prevent more sophisticated attacks.


Hackers are now employing increasingly sophisticated attacks using automation and the only way to fight such assault is to use automation as well to level the playing field. However, it is equally important as well to apply automation on the appropriate security solutions.

Automated EDR will provide your business with an increased level of protection not only on its strategies but on its response time as well. If you are looking for your next security solution, check out Comodo’s endpoint detection and response services to get the protection you deserve.

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