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Why is EDR Security Vital for Your Business?

Setting up an antivirus and firewall on a system is your first line of defense, which is never good enough. You always need multiple layers of security to deal with online hackers and attackers. And EDR is an important piece of this overall cyber security puzzle.

Does it all sound confusing? Let me make it simple for you.

You run a business, and regardless of its scale, your network is connected to multiple devices. Some are secure, and others are less secure.

Cyber attackers always find a loophole in system security and start security attacks and breaches. They get past antivirus and firewall, as they are becoming more intelligent over time. But they hardly get past EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) tools.

EDR Security

What is EDR Solutions and Security?

EDR stands for endpoint security solution you integrate into your security network. It continuously monitors and collects endpoint data. It indicates a threat and responds to it on time while using rule-based automated response and analytics.

How do EDR Security Tools Work?

Typically, an antivirus sends alerts when a virus is detected. It's a reactive solution. EDR Security tools are far better than antivirus and other security measures because it takes a proactive security approach.

It keeps monitoring data activity across all connected devices, so if there is any suspicious activity or unauthorized access, it either alerts security personnel or readily contains or responds to threats.

Why a Business Needs EDR Security Tools?

Do you know more than 54 percent of global businesses allow remote working while 16 percent of international companies are remote? After the pandemic, remote work culture has become quite common worldwide.

In this scenario, your enterprise's network is connected to countless remote devices. You never know how secure these devices are because your security teams can only perform checks and balances sometimes. To adopt this remote work culture and to prevent the cost of cyber threats, you need to rely on EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) for business because it will keep all the remote devices and your enterprise network fully secure.

Even when you have no remote worker, EDR security tools are the second layer of defense against cyber criminals. And your business badly needs it.

4 Reasons for Making EDR Solutions an Absolute Must for Every Business

According to an IBM study, the average data breach cost in 2021 was $4.24 million, a massive number for small businesses. Do you want to avoid this cost? The best solution to this problem is to install EDR tools.

You may want to know more about this proactive security solution before you make up your mind. So, let's continue reading and getting to know this vital component of cybersecurity strategy.

1. Centralized Security System

Your business network is connected to multiple devices. It takes work to keep an eye on everything. But you can overcome this challenge with the right kinds of EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) products.

The best thing about this solution is that it collects data from all endpoints but sends an analysis report to a single centralized system only. It means your security department can check this from one location and get complete visibility of the network security status.

2. Quick Threat EDR Detection

Another reason your business needs EDR security tools is because your security personnel can quickly detect threats.

If you check the Cost of Data Breach study, you will find that companies took 207 days to detect threats in their system and needed 73 days to contain them fully. So now it's a cycle of 280 days, which is pretty long.

Do you want to remain unaware of a security breach in your system for 280 days? Of course, you won't. If you're going to stay successful, you need to prevent this breach before time and detect threats early.

And indeed, EDR - Endpoint detection response tools fit the picture well. This advanced security solution keeps an eye on all endpoints and responds quickly to a threat after detecting it.

3. Proactive Threat Hunting is Possible

Usually, you get an alert about an attack after it happens. But do you want to know about it before it happens? If the answer is yes, your business needs an EDR - Endpoint and Detection Response. It allows you to monitor every suspicious activity or strange behavior closely.

Thanks to this highly advanced system, an attack won't transform into a security breach. So, when you want to be proactive about your cyber threat hunting, you can entirely rely on this system.

4. Automate Incident Response

EDR - Detection and early identification of threats are one of this system's many advantages. Another plus of this system is its immediate incident response. It will contain the threat and attack while the security team determines the best response. As a result, your system remains secure.

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Do you need a proper setup of EDR security tools for business? Then, we are here to help. Our expert technician will visit your place and set up this extra layer of protection in your business network, so you can put all the focus on running your operation while a system is proactively detecting and dealing with cyber threats.

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We continuously monitor activities or policy violations providing cloud and network virtualized containment, as well as threat hunting SOC Services, and 24/7 eyes on glass threat management.

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