EDR Definition and Its Main Benefits

Want to protect your organization's endpoint against cyber threats? Nothing works better than Endpoint Detection and Response EDR. It is the most effective software that helps you stop and prevent an attack on your endpoints.

Let's get a complete understanding of this system after uncovering EDR definitions. Before you know how this software helps your enterprise, it's vital to know what it is. Continue reading and explore its meaning and benefits.

EDR is an acronym for Endpoint Detection and Response. It is an endpoint security solution that detects, prevents, and responds to threats by monitoring endpoints in real time. This system employs artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics tools to identify and defuse unknown threats. It alerts your IT system administrators as soon as it detects malicious activity and suspicious behavior. Many Endpoint solutions are integrated with automatic threat response.

EDR Definition

Why Does Your Enterprise Need an EDR?

According to the analyst, a business fell under attack by malware every 11 seconds in 2023.

When it comes to securing your digital assets, you need to rely on endpoint security solutions. You can be the next victim of ransomware- an ever-increasing cyber threat for businesses of every kind and size.

Without a proper endpoint protection solution, you are at the discretion of cybercriminals.

Installing anti-malware and a firewall on your IT network isn't good enough. They are the reactive solution. Someone attacks your system, and software scans and stop them.

Today, your organization is dealing with advanced criminals who keep changing their tactics to get past your first line of defense- which they easily can.

Stopping an attack isn't the defense. The real thing is when you won't let malware get past your security shield. It's where you need to comprehend EDR Definition the most.

This system monitors your endpoints, such as computers, desktops, workstations, servers, etc., in real-time, collects all the behavior data, and then analyzes it.

It allows your organization to take immediate action if one endpoint is compromised.

This action includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Quarantining the infected device(s);
  • Blocking internet traffic from known malicious sources;
  • Or even completely shutting down a computer if required.

You can successfully protect your system from malware attacks through an Endpoint Response and Response tool.

Benefits of EDR Solutions

Here are some benefits your organization get from an EDR agent.

Optimize Incident Response

Xcitium EDR brings an incident response playbook. The system will analyze the attack and suggest remediation options as soon as an attack happens. Your team doesn't need to seek risk management or response solutions when they can get guidance from this playbook.

Besides, your in-house team can customize this incident response based on incident category, asset value, and endpoint groups. Now it becomes quite easier to respond to a threat on time.

Reduce Manual Tasks

This endpoint detection and response tool effectively deal with ever-increasing cyber threats.

Imagine your in-house team checking and analyzing this high amount of data. It is going to be quite hectic. The manual analysis takes time, and your team needs more time to respond to a threat.

In the presence of Xcitium EDR, you can skip this manual task. It will analyze the data and identify the threat. Your team can respond faster than before.

Improve Cybersecurity Posture

Antivirus and firewalls create your first line of defense. They can't stop malware threats successfully.

According to a report, antivirus is only 25% effective in stopping malware attacks.

Since this security solution isn't good enough, more and more organizations are spending money on endpoint solutions. They create additional safety layers and help your enterprise detect, prevent, and stop phishing attacks.

According to recent research from IRONSCALES, 81% of global organizations experienced an increase in email phishing attacks from March 2020.

Thankfully, when you use endpoint behavior analysis of this tool, you can monitor user activities across all endpoints. It lets you identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system. Later on, you can fix them and strengthen your defense system.

Industry Regulation Compliance

One big plus that your organization gets through an Endpoint security solution is to comply with various industry regulations. They require you to offer data and privacy to every user. You can offer top-notch security across your network by employing the Xcitium EDR solution.

Stay Protected Against Evolving Threats

Today, organizations deal with a wide variety of malware and cyber threats. When it comes to protecting endpoint and remote employees, cloud-native security solutions like Xcitium EDR make it easy for enterprises to monitor user activities. It becomes easy to respond to threat quickly because this system sends alerts to IT Admin.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have got a clear EDR Definition and some understanding of its benefits. No matter the scale and size of your business, it's vital to invest in an Endpoint Detection system to secure your organization's digital assets for years ahead. This system aims to identify threats fast and offer you a chance to contain and prevent a threat before it causes further damage.

EDR Cybersecurity

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