What is an EDR Agent? And How Does it Benefit Your Business?

A recent report about cyber security showcases that almost 71.1 million people fall victim to cyber-attacks every year.

Both individuals and businesses are vulnerable at their endpoints. There is a need to secure your endpoints through Agent. It has become one of essential cyber security tools for business these days.

According to a recent study, EDR solutions sales will reach $7 billion by 2026. And its expected annual growth rate is 26 percent.

Companies rely on EDR agents to run their Endpoint detection and response systems smoothly. Now the question is, what is an EDR, and how does it benefit your enterprises? Let's break down all the basics of an EDR agent and understand you can protect your business through this security agent.

EDR Agent

What Does an EDR Agent Do?

It is a program that runs on all the endpoints, such as mobile phones, IoT Devices, desktops, servers, workstations etc. The purpose of running this agent is to monitor every single activity of endpoints. If there is any malicious process or suspicious activity, then the agent will readily detect it.

Consider it your endpoint security agent that collects data from different resources, such as network traffic, memory images, and system logs. Once all data is collected, it will analyze adequately. An EDR has machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. The combo of both techs helps an agent look deeply into every activity and determine some signs of malicious activity.

Whenever there is suspicious activity, agents readily send alerts to the security team to initiate damage control.

How Can My Business Benefit from an EDR Agent?

Here are some benefits you can get by installing an agent all across your organizationals endpoints.

Comprehensive Protection

Your organization doesn't only need some threat detection tools, but it also requires some cyber security tools that can respond well. Thankfully, a security agent possesses both qualities very well. On one side, it detects malicious activities and threats through continuous monitoring; on the other, it responds to danger by containing them in the system and initiating a quarantine for infected endpoints.

High-Performance Detection Capabilities

Almost 20% of organizations don't rely on any security tools to protect remote users who browse the internet.

Another reason to invest money in EDR solutions is that your oranization can easily monitor and detect unknown threats. You may have tools to deal with, but what about handling unknown threats? Thanks to the high-performance detection capabilities of EDR agents, you can detect all kinds of threats and respond to them automatically.

Increased Efficiency

Every organization requires an efficient cybersecurity team. Now, you can make your team as efficient as you always want them to be through a security EDR installation across all endpoints. This tool prevents the need to perform manual threat detection and intelligence.

Many tasks are fully automated. Your security team can monitor all endpoints, respond to a threat, and create an incident report quicker than before by leveraging advanced threat detection and analytics tools in EDR. Your cyber security operations become efficient.

Great Amount of Visibility

Once an EDR agent is installed on a business endpoint, it boosts the visibility of the overall network. Your security team can make the most of this visibility. They can always understand what's happening in your business network and system. It helps them identify threats in the system and respond to them quickly in case a breach happens.

Reduce False Positive

Every organization want to keep its organizational resources fully secure. It happens many times that a security team needs to waste resources on the investigation of analysis of a false threat. In the presence of a reliable EDR tool such as Xcitium EDR, your security team will only get an alert when an actual threat is present. Teams can focus on what matters the most instead of wasting their time, energy, and resources on something that doesn't need their attention.


Today, if you want to be proactive with your organization's cyber security approach, then you should rely on an EDR agent. It will boost the visibility of what's happening in your network and keep you well aware of potential threats and intrusions. Since it collects the most accurate data and performs AI-based analysis, your security team doesn't need to deal with false positives. As a result, you can free up your organization's resources on something more substantial.

Want to improve your organization's security posture? It would be best if you get maximum visibility into your endpoints by installing Xcitium EDR. It's by far the most effective EDR that boosts the efficiency level of your organization while letting you deal with dynamic cyber threats betters than others.

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