February 24, 2023

Xcitium Advanced Provides Remote Helpdesk Operations for Healthcare Organization


This healthcare organization is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that strives to provide the finest primary and preventative healthcare to their community. They serve 16 locations, over 300 employees, 423 endpoints, and provide an array of services including primary care, dental, ancillary services, and much more to their state-wide region in the United States.

The Information Security team at this organization consists of 5 team members who manage the Xcitium services for their Xcitium Advanced & Endpoint Manager deployments.


The Director of IT joined the team to lead the transition to Xcitium technology from a competitor solution to improve cybersecurity efficacy and coverage. The main challenge the team faced was the need for remote helpdesk support, which their prior vendor could not provide. Previously, the IT director had to physically go to each site whenever there was a problem, so a solution for managing everything remotely was imperative. This unmet requirement prompted the team to search for a better vendor. Xcitium stood out as a promising solution for this healthcare organization.


The small team of 5 information security members for the organization is responsible for the ongoing management of the Xcitium security solution. The Director of IT reports: "This is the #1 tool in our department because it helps us accomplish so many of our goals. For example, now we can just look at the Xcitium remote tool dashboard to see if all locations are online or not."

The need for a remote helpdesk solution was an important icebreaker requirement, but the team soon realized the defense-in-depth integrations and pre-emptive security advantages provided by the Xcitium Advanced bundle and opted for more cyber services and protections:

  • Antivirus
  • Ransomware Defense
  • Inventory Organization (reporting on all devices)
  • Improved Patching (automated patching for workstations)


In summary, this healthcare organization is reporting significant improvement in their cybersecurity operations since switching to Xcitium Advanced from Sophos. "Xcitium replaces many of the roles of other tools that we've used in the past. I think that's our favorite part - that Xcitium integrates all the many different products we used to use as security solutions - now we do everything with only one system. We take cybersecurity very seriously as a healthcare organization. Now, instead of mitigating security issues, security issues don't even exist anymore. Xcitium proves its value every day" - Director of IT.

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