April 28, 2023

Gem State Paper & Supply

Gem State Paper & Supply is a family-owned janitorial paper and supply distribution company with over 75 employees serving customers in the Northwest region of the United States. Most of their employees are at corporate headquarters while a small portion are located across three other branches.

Gem State Paper & Supply has been an Xcitium customer for several years and they currently use the Xcitium Advanced product. Before securing the organization with Xcitium, they experienced an encryption incident, and this was why Rob Hufstetler, the VP of Information Technologies for Gem State, began searching for an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution. Xcitium Advanced checked all the requirements Rob needed, so he moved forward with implementation.

Now, Rob has full visibility into his organization's cybersecurity profile from the Xcitium portal, a single source console and dashboard that simplifies operations for the security team. “Getting involved with Xcitium has let me sleep at night...knowing and watching how Xcitium has secured and taken care of us has made a big difference.” - Hufstetler.

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