The Rise Of Phishing Traps Signals You To Secure Business Email

Arthur 02 Apr, 2024 342 Views
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Our evolving world has proved itself to be smart enough to fail old-style marketing-related and other spamming campaigns. Likewise, now more people understand that most of stimulating and emotional advertisements are nothing but marketing tactics, thanks to Facebook and Google’s irritating ads. Similarly, throughout time, people have learned about financial fraud and how to protect themselves from online scams. But what about the rise of email phishing traps that highlight signs of secure business email as soon as possible? 

Indeed, we are living in the digital era, where every business deal is done under lawful paperwork; however, maybe we are taking our digital space for granted. As scammers have also updated their utilization and are serving their cybercrime as a service (CaaS) like professional corporates, we must implement something to be end-to-end protected from them. Such as allowing firewalls into our systems, securing business emails, and taking expert cybersecurity consultancy.  

BEC Attackers Are At Your Doorsteps! Don’t You Want Zero Trust Email Security? 

Phishing trap is the major component and lethal violating element of business email attacks. Professionals and companies can take it as a joke, but we still are vulnerable to phishing attacks even if we can identify some of the visible email traps. The stats reveal the list of phishing attacks through emails can be long; hence, it is factual that phishing traps are the foremost among other cyber attacks 

There are numerous ways available on the research engine to secure business emails and alter each possibility of cyber-attack. Thus, all the limited solutions won’t work out here, because BEC attackers are at your doorstep, as the current global stats suggest. If you are curious about learning top email honey traps. Here are the leading phishing traps used through business email practices.  

Secure Business Email

Standard Scammer Emails 

Above all email traps, there are deceptive standard emails implemented by scammers presenting to themselves from trusted organizations. Likewise, your bank, corporate organization, educational institution, or even government agency. In the task of demanding sensitive personal information, credit card keys, and other classified credentials, they create urges through well-written humble or alarming content to force the victim receiver.  

Malware-Linked Phishing Traps 

Nowadays, there are not just online ads that pop around your endpoint screens for downloading malware including software and entertainment files. As they have found their way into email marketing tactics as well. This malware-linked phishing trap process is simple and clear, scammers just attach their malware-filled files into the attachments of the emails and influence the victims to open and download them for revving customized journeys.  

Big Fish Emails (Whaling)  

This email scam is interesting and quite lethal. In fact, in the past couple of years, it has expanded its implementation in Asian countries as well. Let’s put it this way; you are working as the most trusted executive in an organization having a great amount of sensitive information. Someday you receive an email from your CEO and someone with a higher authority to share all the classified data through an unknown resource. This is called a big fish in common words whaling scamming.  

Skillful Deployed Email Attacks (Targeted) 

Here comes one of the most successful email attacks known as spear or victim target attack. In this scam trap, cybercriminals gather a great amount of data on their target from several resources and then they portray themselves as trusted resources connected with their victim. They shape themselves as office colleagues, overseas clients, and business partners. Moreover, their well-structured emails also include so much about the victims influencing them to trust the sender.  

Quishing (QR-Code) Scammy Emails 

This trap is not new in the market, but many are unaware of it. Cyber attackers manipulate QR-code technology and create new phishing traps. Cybercriminals attach QR codes to their malicious emails and ask users to scan them in order to get the intended file. By this, victims get themselves into the traps by visiting malware load websites and downloading affixed faulty software.  

Here Is What You Need To Secure Business Email Before It’s Too Late 

These shared operations are shared under the consideration of cybersecurity of users who need to secure business email as soon as possible to alter the possible phishing threats. So, buckle up and learn about the working alternatives to secure business emails in no time.  

End-To-End Email Encryption 

Go for installing email encryption software, or just take the needed email security consultancy from a trusted IT security firm. Don’t go with premium-free software promising end-to-end email encryption services. As you must search for the best email encryption software.  

Email Traffic Scanning & Supervision  

Users can’t be free from work all the time. Therefore, it can be difficult for you as well to learn about the content inside a recently received email or use the guided hacks to find out which email it trusted. That’s why there is proper email traffic scanning and monitoring required for your business email security.  

Incoming Emails Filtering & Whitelisting 

Email filtering has vast options to be safe and secure from all outer threats through incoming emails. Likewise, whitelisting divides the trusted and suspicious emails. For this email security service, professionals and companies can reach out to MSSPs (Managed security services providers) for cost-efficient offers.  

Email Security Software 

An updated email security software can take care of everything for perfect protection. In current developments in email security tools, companies, and business professionals are furnished with email filtering, device monitoring, and data encryption services. In all safeguarding tools, Email Security Gateway software has worked with satisfying results for companies.  

Instant Incident Response Cybersecurity Plan 

Yes! This seems like a drag to go for a full security-packed plan just for securing business emails. Hence, we are still far away from an understanding of the disastrous consequences of phishing attacks. Like how digital pirates use email traps to enter endpoints and clouds, steal data, and use it for a ransom payment. That’s why enterprise and business professionals must hire an outsourced team to offer an instant incident response cybersecurity plan.  

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Prevent not just malicious emails from your inbox but alter every possible threat that can be catastrophic to your company and personal exploration. Yes! Our patented technology of email security gateway got your back. Otherwise, Xcitium is open to offering leading managed IT services to offer end-to-end data encryption and a zero-trust cybersecurity posture.