Hyper Converged Endpoint Security Platform – An Effective Key To Encounter Cybercriminal Activities.

Arthur 10 Oct, 2022 185 Views
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The rise of online threats is getting advanced, and security experts are equally developing new forms of security technologies to outplay even the most sophisticated hacking mechanisms. The current focus is more towards Endpoint Detection and Response that combines novel approaches to identify and instantly respond to battle against the identified malicious activity. This works beyond the basic capabilities of anti-spyware and anti-malware.

The incorporation of Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) featuring data protection and device management was approximately a $3.2 billion market in 2015. The then transition was to look upon the expansion of the capabilities with new and robust features to be an advanced form of traditional security. However, the Endpoint Detection and Response Vendors started to combine technologies to stay updated with the latest functionalities added by the EPP vendors.

The security experts are hell bent in framing a sturdy multi-layered approach to give in-depth defense methods and techniques to elevate the security schema of organizations. The integration of EDR along with EPP benefits the companies not just with security defenses but also delivers a hyperconverged platform with both physical and virtual endpoints.

The current day’s concern is the file-less malware that goes unidentified even through signature-based and heuristics-based detection methods. To be more precise, unlike traditional malware, the file-less malware runs in memory and leaves no traces of its presence on the hard drive locally.

This is common amongst cyber-based espionages as they rely on this technique to outplay the conventional EPP which are outdated and are not equipped enough to examine and perform memory analysis.

Sometimes, the hackers exploit the zero-day vulnerabilities, as their malware preparation techniques. This can be either done by exploiting acknowledged vulnerabilities of left unknown patches or generally by causing spear-phishing emails with infected malicious attachments to focus on victims.

Wanna cry was one such example that leveraged the use of vulnerabilities of the companies that have not deployed the latest security patches. Sometimes organizations find compatibility issues and hence leave the software unpatched, this leaves the organization’s network open to ransomware attacks.

EPP convergence – The Integration of Endpoint Detection and Response and Endpoint Security Platform has zeroed in the inception of NextGen EPP Solution to entitle organizations of all sizes, with the readiness to foresee, identify and instantly fend off even the most advanced and sophisticated malware attacks. The transition of EPP with capabilities of EDR would fill the existence of endpoint protection gaps

The NextGen EPP incorporates sandboxing and security analytics that empowers security experts to comprehend the possible malicious events, way in advance to render the malicious attack attempts useless

It is critical to enforce a strong security posture on the organizations’ network to get a clear visibility on the modes of stealth attacks, unusual behavior of the system and application – all through a single management dashboard. This would ease the work of the IT security manager to get the overall the security status of the organization’s infrastructure.

It is hence mandatory to automate both detections, response, and prevention through a single platform…

Advanced Endpoint Protection from Xcitium offers NextGen endpoint protection mechanism with an effective combination of EPP and EDR technology while it takes the role of cybersecurity to the next level. It identifies security incidents, blocks known bad files and allows known good files, examines the security incidents, contains all the unknown files in the virtual container through a containment technology. This is then followed by a strict analysis of the unknown contained file through a cloud-based verdict system called the “Valkyrie”. Therefore Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection offers a unique and scalable security approach that is sure winner in delivering absolute protection even against the most threatening zero-day malware.

Xcitium AEP, hence effectively provides a converged endpoint security platform through a combined approach of endpoint detection and response from a unified management console.

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