What is Cyber Security?

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Cyberattacks are now more complicated than ever before. Cybercriminals are learning new tricks and creating powerful malware to penetrate outdated firewalls and steal from companies. This has made many organizations feel unprotected against evolving cyber security threats. To protect organizations from next-generation cyber attacks, cyber security specialists offer them Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS).

Define Cyber Security as a Service

Cyber security has changed over the years. Before, it’s enough for organizations to have a firewall in place to prevent viruses and worms from entering their network. Now, this is hardly enough to keep harmful malware away.

But cyber security upgrades are very expensive that only top organizations can do it. Many organizations today rely on old cyber security tools and techniques to keep cyber threats away. Also, there are not enough cyber security specialists who can handle more advanced cyber security tools.

Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) is the answer to the challenges in cyber security. Cyber Security as a Service is an affordable way for organizations to have access to managed security services. Through Cyber Security as a Service, organizations can remain protected against harmful cyberattacks no matter how complicated they are.

With Cyber Security as a Service, organizations outsource their cyber security division to cyber security experts and allow them to improve their cyber security against current cyber threats. Cyber security specialists also monitor the organization’s network for any unusual activity that could be harmful to daily operations.

Benefits of Cyber Security as a Service  (CSaaS)

Organizations with a robust in-house cyber security division are likely to be protected against professional cybercriminals, but organizations without an efficient cyber security division can benefit a lot from Cyber Security as a Service.  Here are some benefits organizations can get from having a CSaaS:

  • Personalized security

When organizations hire a Cyber Security as a Service, they get to choose what managed security services they want to get. They can avail the security package that meets their needs without having to spend on services they don’t need.

Many Cyber Security as a Service offers different packages with different levels of security. These packages can be further personalized according to the organization’s workflow

  • Cost-efficient

Like all outsourced services, Cyber Security as a Service is significantly more affordable than maintaining an in-house cyber security division.

With Cyber Security as a Service s, organizations can optimize cash flow to their core business without having to worry about their cyber security being inefficient due to lack of budget.

  • Highly trained experts at your disposal

Cyber security companies nowadays no longer sell cyber security systems and software. Instead, they offer services. Cyber Security as a Service is one of the services they offer.

Providers of Cyber Security as a Service are often cyber security companies that have a large pool of trained cyber security specialists. They also have proprietary cyber security software that their security specialists are trained to use.

When organizations pay for CSaaS, they are given a team of highly-trained specialists and advanced tools to handle their cyber security. Without CSaaS, organizations will have to make an expensive investment in specialists and tools.

  • High level of protection

Because many CSaaS providers are cyber security companies, they have specialized knowledge of safeguarding data and digital assets. So, organizations don’t need to worry that sensitive data could be stolen or mishandled.

Cyber Security as a Service provides clients with industry-standard services. And clients are protected by SLAs to ensure that CSaaS providers will deliver.

  • Comprehensive reporting

Lastly, CSaaS provide clients with a comprehensive report about their activities and findings. Reporting is an integral part of the Cyber Security as a Service package and is strictly enforced by many CSaaS providers.

Top CSaaS provide clients with a dashboard where they can monitor and track cyber security activities in real-time.

Types of Cyber Security Threats

The importance of Cyber Security as a Service cannot be fully appreciated until organizations are familiar with the different types of cyber security threats.  Below are major cyber security threats that CSaaS can protect organizations against.

  1. Phishing attack

A phishing attack is one of the most common cyber-attacks used by cybercriminals. This could be a standalone campaign or part of a larger attack against an organization.

The goal of phishing attack campaigns is to steal user data and login credentials. This information can be sold on the dark web or used to illegally access company files to destroy the organization’s reputation.

Organizations that fall victim to phishing attacks end up spending a lot on damage control.

  1. Ransomware

Ransomware is a high-level cyber security threat that can hurt an organization’s finances. Ransomware attacks start by encrypting files on infected networks and asking for a ransom to get the files back.

The encrypted files could halt operations indefinitely, costing the organization large losses due to inactivity. The ransom asked by cybercriminals is usually very high and organizations are left with no option but to pay.

  1. Trojan Horses

Trojan horse is a classic but still prevalent computer virus. It can damage computers and systems by infecting and spreading throughout the network. Trojan horses can be designed to do other tasks as well, like stealing financial data.

  1. A Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (DDoS)

Distributed Denial-of-Services is a high-level threat for many organizations and one that Cyber Security as a Service should be on the lookout for.

The objective of a DDoS attack is to purposely shut down an organization’s operation by denying clients and employees access to services they need. This kind of attack can destroy an organization’s reputation and drive them to bankruptcy.

Importance of Maintaining Cyber Security

With the sophisticated cyberattacks, many organizations face today, it’s very important to have an effective cyber security system in place. Organizations become less efficient and less trustworthy when they become victims of a cyberattack.

With Cyber Security as a Service, organizations don’t need to worry about cyber security and the high cost needed to have an efficient cyber security system. As long as they maintain their CSaaS, they can be sure that they are protected from even the latest Cyberattack.

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