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Xcitium Essentials

While no one can stop malware and ransomware from entering your network, Xcitium's Essentials technology prevents cyber attacks from causing any damage with proactive ZeroDwell containment of all Unknown files and objects at runtime. Applications running in a secure Xcitium Essentials container cannot make permanent changes to other processes, programs, or data on the 'real' Xcitium Essentials technology endpoint system.

This is how to neutralize endpoint attacks without any productivity or business disruption.

Complete Xcitium Essentials Threat Prevention

ZeroDwell Containment

ZeroDwell technology delivers auto-isolation services that compliment your existing endpoint protection platform or security posture. This standalone product includes a SaaS management console, endpoint client agents, service delivery from the Xcitium Threat Research Labs (XTRL), and the Verdict Cloud engine, a file safety determination service used to assess isolated files and objects to provide a malicious or safe verdict about contained Unknowns.

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ZeroDwell Containment

How It Xcitium Essentials Works

Xcitium Essentials With ZeroDwell Containment

ZeroDwell, zero-trust containment allows any untrusted (but harmless) applications (aka “unknowns”) the freedom to operate, while all untrusted (and potentially malicious) applications are prevented from damaging your PC or data. Malware and ransomware threats may make it on to an endpoint, but with ZeroDwell Containment, malware and ransomware are rendered absolutely incapable of damaging or breaching that endpoint to move laterally across your network to other hosts or critical assets.

Xcitium Essentials Feature Capabilities
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Xcitium Advanced (EPP+EDR)

Endpoint Detection & Response

Gain full context of an attack to connect the dots on how hackers are attempting to breach your network.

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Xcitium Managed (MDR)

Managed Detection & Response

We continuously monitor activities or policy violations, as well as threat hunting SOC Services, and 24/7 eyes on glass threat management.

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Xcitium Complete (XDR)

Managed Extended Detection & Response

We continuously monitor activities or policy violations providing cloud and network virtualized containment, as well as threat hunting SOC Services, and 24/7 eyes on glass threat management.

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Xcitium Essentials

ZeroDwell Containment

Move from Detection to Prevention With ZeroDwell Containment to isolate infections such as ransomware & unknown

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