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Do you want to improve your security posture while preventing the latest cyber threats on endpoints? It would be best if you definitely got Endpoint detection and response software. Fortunately, tons of EDR vendors are out there. But, not all of them do a fantastic job dealing with threats and offering an excellent incident response. No one likes to go through the hassle of comparing all options, so here are 4 Top-rated EDR products you should consider.

1. Xcitium EDR

When protecting your organization against advanced and existing cyber threats, nothing works better than Xcitium EDR. It offers a complete EDR bundle that allows you to understand your threats, contains them, and respond to them on time.

Xcitium is one of the most reliable EDR vendors suitable for organizations of every kind and size. It helps small and medium-sized businesses to use fewer resources, time, and money to beat the latest cyber criminals. Besides, it grows with the growing needs of large-scale organizations.

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What's Unique About Xcitium Endpoint detection and response tool?

Here are some features you need help finding in other endpoint security solutions.

  • Automated sandboxing: whenever there is malicious activity, the tool will sandbox an infected endpoint.
  • Recommended Security Policy: It allows your organization to customize a policy per your specific needs.
  • Attack Chain Visualizations: Analytics and get a complete understanding of an attack by looking into a tree-view structure that unlocks every attack phase.

2. CrowdStrike - Falcon Insight

This security solution empowers your team with real-time threat visualization and forensics. It aligns with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Since it employs behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence tools, threat hunters can tackle advanced threats.

CrowdStrike's Falcon Insight EDR suits large organizations seeking comprehensive security solutions. When you don't want to impact your endpoints' performance, you can rely on Crowdstrike EDR. It can improve your security posture.

What's Unique About CrowdStrike Falcon Insight?

Here are some features that set its apart from other EDR Vendors:

  • Threat Graph: It allows your security team to look into a potential threat by evaluating multiple security events daily.
  • ZTA: Zero Trust Assessment allow your organization to visualize security status across all endpoints. It's easy to assess threats in real time.
  • SOAR: It is a Cloud-based Orchestration automatic and response framework. It allows you to respond to threat automatically.

3. VMware Carbon Black

It is another endpoint security solution designed with attack chain visualizations, so your team analyst can look deep into every incident. This vendor lets every user customize behavior analysis as per their specific requirements. With its Live response and AI &ML integration, you can deal with the potential threat with the utmost speed and accuracy.

It is one EDR vendor that offers a reliable Endpoint protection solution for large organizations. It provides a centralized endpoint data recording; your security team can conduct deep analysis before and after an attack. When your organization has a long retention requirement, you should opt for Carbon Black EDR.

What's Unique About VMware Carbon Black?

Here are some features that make Carbon make different from other EDR Vendors:

  • Remote Access: Your team can initiate a response against threats remotely from any part of the world.
  • Ransomware Mitigation: FBI got 3,729 complaints about ransomware attacks in 2021, and these caused financial losses of $49.2 million. Organizations can effectively reduce the risk of ransomware through behavior analysis techniques and traps.
  • Unlimited retention and scale: This software offers unlimited retention when your enterprise wants to retain a large amount of behavioral data. Regardless of your company's scale and size, you can make the most of this tool.

4. Broadcom (Symantec) Endpoint Security

The EDR vendor uses a remote secure shell that lets your IT administrator initiate a quick response. This tool prioritizes incidents, so you can decide what incident to investigate first. Threat hunters can make the most of its advanced technology, such as endpoint behavior analysis, Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It is suitable for organizations of all sizes as it is compatible with all organizational environments and security systems. If you need an easy-to-deploy EDR program, Symantec is the One.

What's unique About (Symantec) Endpoint Security?

Here are some features that make Symantec make different from other EDR products:

  • Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI): This interface comes in handy when you want to protect your organization against malware.
  • Process dump capability: If you get an alert about a suspicious process, you can dump it quickly through this tool.
  • AI-assisted policy management: Every organization is different, so Symantec allows you to create policies per your requirements.
Wrap up

Every organization deals with different kinds of cyber threats. When you decide between top EDR vendors, choose one that is deemed suitable for your business environment. Try to get one that is compatible with your security stack and offers scalability, like Xcitium EDR.

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