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Solutions that help companies to identify, analyze, and respond to attacks in real-time. Drilling down to find the best infrastructure protection.

EDR systems are available in several different "flavors," and as cyber threats continue to escalate to sophisticated levels, selecting the right EDR solution system has become a priority must-have. EDR solution is part of the next-gen area of incident response, using tools to engage automation to continual EDR endpoint and server monitoring for the detection of potential malicious events, offer comprehensive system analysis, mitigate the events, and expose any vulnerabilities. While many EDR software products share the basics, a company's security team wants to ensure that a product of their choice checks all the boxes for their unique situation. EDR (Endpoint detection and response) software are now considered a critical part of the arsenal against cyber criminals. This quick summary can help by addressing the question, "which EDR system is best for us?"

EDR Solution Providers

Top EDR Solution Review of 2024

Some of the top Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Vendors are listed below:

  1. Xcitium
  2. CrowdStrike Falcon
  3. Sophos Intercept X Advanced
  4. Symantec
  5. McAfee MVISION

Xcitium: EDR Solution Providers:

Software that goes beyond expectations; Xcitium uses machine learning to create predictive detection analysis, offering results before threat incidents happen. Xcitium meets and exceeds all of the criteria of other EDR systems with added features designed to preempt through detailed endpoint monitoring, protect/block both on and offline, real-time telemetry data, visual real-time "trees" to assist teams in identifying criminal activity, detection of "unknown" malware, automatically creates network traffic rules, adaptive event modeling, integration with onsite network cloud/sandbox or enterprise system, just to name a few. Xcitium has been designed to look ahead and beat the threat actors at their own game with forward-thinking software that does the hard work and gives a security team the results.

CrowdStrike Falcon:

A more basic EDR solution that offers first-level protection with features beyond anti-malware. While CrowdStrike may not include more advanced components, it does have some standard features, such as machine learning for process activity analysis, agent self-protect functions, URL and DNS monitoring, behavioral and static analysis, and process/attack visualization. Additionally, there is the availability of add-on software offering more enhancements that are found in other products. CrowdStrike has the usual 24/7 monitoring with services to assist customers with response guidelines for malicious activity that has occurred. Falcon has excellent audit logs and system requires very little intervention. Easily installed on cloud environments; requires some adjustments as an enterprise solution.

Sophos Intercept X Advanced:

As a Highly-rated EDR tool, Sophos Intercept X Advanced is popular with large enterprise users that require high-end monitoring for many EDR solution endpoints. Well-designed threat analysis center with details on the origination of threat, clear information on attack chain, and recommendations to isolate and stop attacks. There are many enhanced features that would be expected and used in larger environments, including machine learning/algorithms for endpoint file analysis, memory protection/exploit protection, device identification and control, threat analysis integration, and a single easy-to-use console with individual dashboard abilities, but surprisingly doesn't allow remote access. Some features found on other products as defaults require additional product add-ons to the Sophos Intercept X Advanced. Can be installed on enterprise or cloud-based environments.


One of the most well-known names in security, Symantec has a long history of quality products. Symantec has created a very good EDR solution providers with the most recent addition of their "Adaptive Protection" that will analyze features and processes that aren't being used and automatically shut them down. As might be expected from the brand, the EDR system carries a lot of the bells and whistles including: continuous monitoring, behavioral analytics, blacklisting/whitelisting, standard malware/anomaly detection, and machine learning/Algorithmic file analysis on the endpoint. However, there are some EDR solution features considered to be standard in other products that Symantec doesn't include such as machine learning for process activity analysis, automatic creating of network trafficking rules, and blocking against ransomware when offline or disconnected from the internet. Additional products must be purchased/added for more enhanced features. The Symantec EDR works with both enterprise and cloud-based and has good real-time, product, and firewall support.


Another known name in the security world, McAfee has devoted decades to honing its products. For organizations interested in a reasonably basic EDR product that shines McAfee MVISION is worth reviewing. It has good features such as detecting/hunting/reporting, URL and DNS monitoring, behavioral analysis, and process/attack visualization. It does lack some of the more advanced EDR solution system features, including alerting to only known threats and machine learning for process activity analysis. Additionally, some EDR features are only available with partner product integration. The MVISION product does have a good data visualization tool that is easy to use so that clients understand, recognize, and respond quickly to risk assessments. Symantec has designed its EDR to collect data from many sources so that it can translate and interpret and is then available in single-click options. MVISION is a cloud-based system that offers guided analytics.

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving condition, and selecting an EDR solution system that fits involves knowing that a product can accommodate the needs of today and is flexible enough to foresee the security requirements ahead. Conversely, an EDR solution that presents immediate limitations, needs to be improved with some features already defaulted in other products, or requires additional purchases present hurdles before they are even installed. The critical element for the right EDR system is seeing those products that are already forward-thinking and staying ahead of the threat actors before they even try.

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