Cyberattacks have been on the rise lately, and the Coronavirus pandemic has made it worse. Businesses have seen a 91% increase in cyberattacks as a result of working from home. This incident also revealed the flaws in the majority of businesses’ cybersecurity measures.

Today, most businesses continue to maintain their operations while working from home. But, that is the main reason why endpoint prevention is crucial more than ever. Your employees might be using vulnerable internet connections and personal devices while working. That can be harmful to your business since it makes them an easy target of cyberattacks.

So what is endpoint prevention, and how does it work? Find out below and see how essential endpoint prevention is for a business.

What is an Endpoint?

  • Smartphones
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • IoT (Internet-of-things) devices
Endpoint Prevention

Endpoints are one of the most prevalent cyberattack targets in the past few years. In a recent study, 68% of organizations have seen one or more endpoint attacks over the past two years. The endpoint attacks compromised their data and IT infrastructures which affected their businesses.

If you own a business, it would be best to take endpoint prevention and security measures. Small organizations, especially, are the most vulnerable to endpoint attacks. Why? That is because small businesses might not have many workers to combat these threats. Endpoint prevention is a way of securing your network to avoid any attacks in your devices.

Why Implementing Endpoint Prevention Is Vital to Your Business?

As technology evolves, attackers continue to create new strategies to infiltrate endpoints. Endpoint prevention is crucial since 70% of successful data breaches originate from endpoints. Below are more reasons why endpoint prevention is vital for all types of businesses.

The Implementation of Work from Home System

Because of the pandemic, many businesses adopt the work-from-home setup. But, implementing this also means that your endpoint security may be at risk. Why? Your employees might use their personal devices when working. This action can harm your business since they might connect with untrusted networks.

There is also the possibility that your employees might be using public Wi-Fi for work. It can be dangerous since it serves as an easy gateway for attackers to infiltrate the network. Anyone can use public Wi-Fi, making it unsafe to use while working.

What you can do is to support your employees and implement an endpoint prevention system. You can also encourage them to avoid using the public internet and download anti-spyware software.

Paying for Endpoint-Related Attacks Can Be More Expensive than Implementing a Prevention System

People often say that “Prevention is better than cure,” and that applies in business as well. It is better to implement an endpoint prevention system rather than paying an expensive amount of damages.

But, an ineffective endpoint prevention can also cost you a lot of money. A report stated that businesses pay around $6 million because of an ineffective system. The costs cover the detection, response, and wasted time in implementing an endpoint prevention system.

In addition, businesses spend many hours attempting to detect insecure endpoints. Thus, you should build concrete strategies to prevent any threats from harming the endpoints.

Endpoint Prevention Can Keep All Your Data Safe

A simple security solution is no longer enough. With businesses using various tools for communication and collaboration, there is a need for an effective solution. You need something that protects your network from those harmful attackers.

Thankfully, building an endpoint prevention strategy can help you address the problem. First, you need to understand all access points that connect to your network. An access point refers to a wired network that connects Wi-Fi devices. Use that knowledge in implementing strategies to combat endpoint cyberattacks.

Once you have understood the access points, you can move to the next step. Determine the best security solution in preventing attacks in your endpoints. Test these solutions and see whether a flaw still exists in an endpoint. Track and measure how each strategy works.

That way, you can keep all your information safe. It also helps you increase the security level of your business.

Protect Endpoints and Increase Your Security Level with Comodo

Having an effective endpoint prevention solution is a must for any business. Talk with Comodo today to discuss and strategize in preventing any endpoint attacks for your company.

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