Remote work setups have risen in popularity during the pandemic, yet they also created risks for businesses. This is mainly because of the exposure of more endpoints outside your organization’s network. But you can manage this risk with proper endpoint detection and response or EDR management.

There are also other ways to help you protect every single endpoint from cyber attacks.


Ransomware and phishing are two of the most popular social engineering attacks today. What makes these threats dangerous is they can be hard to detect. The delay in detection often proves to be costly to the organization. The attack might already be wreaking havoc on your network before you found it.

It is crucial to train employees to recognize social engineering attacks. Otherwise, they might click on a malware link or provide your personal details to the wrong person and risk a data breach. It is also when EDR management should kick into action.

EDR Management

Some of the common phishing messages include those asking for your user credentials and financial and personal information. These messages may also come with suspicious files and links or even a phone call.

Avoid Getting Phished

Recent research shows that 75 percent of organizations worldwide fell victim to phishing attacks in 2020 alone. What’s even sadder is 74 percent of staged phishing on US organizations succeeded. You can prevent your business from being one of these statistics. Use a DNS firewall to neutralize malware links, for one. Train your employees to detect and avoid phishing emails. Use EDR management to gather data and analyze them to point out threats.

Install the Latest Versions of Browsers

Cyber attackers are opportunistic. If they see your guard down, they will attack you. Once they see your web browsers and extensions lacking the latest security patches, expect an attack. But if you keep your favorite browsers’ up to date, those vulnerabilities will be resolved.

Fend Off Web App Attacks

Weak web apps are easy targets to directory traversal attacks. These threats expose whatever is stored in your server hosting your website. Fortunately, you can remedy this situation with proper EDR management. Constant updates for your hosting server software and web applications also help.

Protect Your IoT

Firewall protection should extend well beyond your computers at work. Mobile devices, tablets, and other IoT devices should be covered, too. This way, they will limit access only from reliable and screened IP addresses.

EDR management makes it easier to secure IoT devices. It offers real-time visibility and notification features. It also provides threat intelligence to analyze the threat and automatic incident response. EDR also allows for firewalls, network segmentation, patch management, and sandboxing.

Invest in Anti-malware Defense

Do not be complacent, thinking you’re too small a business to become a ransomware target. Cyber attackers will find something valuable to you and hold it for ransom. But don’t make it reach that point. Put in a robust anti-malware defense program with multiple regular backups both online and offline.


Every time you introduce new infrastructure, control its network access. Protect your organizations’ internal operations from the online world through VPN. It will serve as an additional layer of security before anyone can get to your infrastructure. VPN use should complement EDR management.

Double-check Permissions

Do not mindlessly check off permissions for every cloud service and application you get. Keep their permissions basic, just enough to allow app integration. Take the time to read your existing permissions for other apps now before a data breach occurs.

Control Third-party Access

Working with vendors and buyers is necessary for business. However, it might expose you to risks from their vulnerabilities. Fortunately, EDR management solutions can detect malware and isolate its infection to affected devices. It will also help if you once again check the permissions required by third-party products.

Educate End Users on Devices

Teach your employees about endpoint protection’s best practices. Show them the right tools and tricks to keep their devices secured. Even something as simple as locking their computers before taking a break helps. Emphasize the importance of passwords and multi-factor authentication, too. Show them the dangers of using third-party applications not vetted by your IT department. If you can afford it, provide your employees with devices instead of using their personal devices for work.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for effective endpoint security? Let Comodo’s expertise work for you. We can help you stay ahead of cyberthreats by improving your EPP to fight off data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other malware threats.

Here at Comodo, we can provide you with actionable intelligence to protect threatened endpoints. We also have accurate reporting to address incidents. We also offer alerts to resolve issues quickly and cloud-delivered updates. Our EDR management can help your organization find single incidents that lead to a bigger problem threatening your system. Contact Comodo today to request a demo!

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