The Best EDR Software

EDR software stands for Endpoint Detection and Response software. This tool records data analyzes it, and detects any unusual activity in the endpoint. EDR software can give protection across various endpoint devices. But, how can one choose the best EDR software to be beneficial to an organization?

In a business setting, having a well-planned cybersecurity strategy is essential. That includes endpoints such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, IoT devices, and more. Having a good plan reduces the risk of paying millions of cash for every cyber attack. Also, it keeps an organization's data safe from malicious attackers.

So, how should a business select the best EDR software for the organization? Let's take a look at the top choices for EDR software as of now below.

CrowdStrike (Falcon Insight)

Another one of the best EDR software in the market is CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike offers a comprehensive yet flexible EDR software named Falcon Insight. This tool promises continuous endpoint visibility to ensure that everything is secure.

It comes in a variety of bundles tailored according to what a company needs. These bundles include Falcon Enterprise, Falcon Pro, Falcon Premium, and Falcon Complete.


Best EDR Software
  • Visibility

    — Allows someone to track every activity that happens within an endpoint.

  • Breach Protection

    — Provides a detailed analysis to detect unusual activities and reduce breaches.

  • Acceleration

    — Accelerates the security operations that allow a user to respond quickly to attacks.

  • Threat Hunting

    — Enables an organization to scan for any unknown threats lurking within an endpoint. Also, CrowdStrike provides a comprehensive endpoint activity detail report.

  • Threats Graph

    — Allows a company to view the big picture on a real-time basis. CrowdStrike provides a report based on artificial intelligence and the data gathered.

Cynet 360 Endpoint Detection and Response Platform

Cynet 360 EDR software provides full endpoint protection by combining complete visibility, automated response, and 24/7 MDR. It also has a pre-built and custom remediation tool that optimizes the incident response workflows. Additionally, it consists of a Cynet console that makes the software easy to use.


  • Prevention and Detection

    — It has the ability to detect any unusual activities across the endpoint (both known and unknown).

  • Remediation

    — Pre-built and custom remediation tools are available to optimize the workflows. Also, it enables control from the host isolation to scheduled task deletion.

  • XDR Capabilities

    — Gives complete visibility across the endpoint device, user, and network.

  • Investigation

    — Analyzes a detected cyber threat deeply to identify its root cause and scope.

Symantec Endpoint Security Complete

Symantec EDR is a software that can detect, isolate, and remove all threats within an endpoint. It offers cloud-based endpoint protection done on a single console architecture by Symantec. Also, this software utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to perform the processes. Below are the features for this software:


  • Advanced Attacks

    — Provides an active directory security, isolation, and threat hunting technology. Also, Symantec allows an organization to address cyber attacks across all the attack chains.

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Support

    — Enables security for all devices with on-site, hybrid, or cloud management.

  • Strong Defenses

    — Gives interlocking defenses for the user, network, and endpoint device.

  • Single console architecture

    — This EDR software makes use of a single console architecture. Meaning, it is easy to use since it only requires one agent for the software.

Cybereason EDR Software

Cybereason offers an EDR software that promises to end the threats before they take over your network. It also lets companies remediate instantly by quarantining files, isolating machines, and more. This tool can be the best EDR software for large businesses with these features below:


  • Precision

    — Cybereason uses Machine Learning technology to identify the source of a threat accurately.

  • Instant Remediation

    — Companies can see the details of a recent attack quickly without any complicated procedures.

  • Behavioral Analysis

    — Cybereason utilizes behavioral analysis to detect any cyber threats quickly.

  • Intelligence

    — This software works smarter than other EDR tools in the market. It can remember and connect all past and present activities within an endpoint.

Xcitium EDR software

This list of the best EDR software would not be complete without Xcitium. Xcitium offers real-time monitoring EDR software and detection of any suspicious activities. Also, it has an advanced search ability that can search for any hash files as well.


  • Real-time Visibility

    — Allows companies to look into the whole endpoint environment on a real-time basis.

  • Advanced Threat Detection

    — Enables the companies to monitor the endpoints continuously. Also, it is capable of detecting any hash files within an endpoint.

  • Compatibility

    — This software can integrate with other endpoint security tools as well.

Curious how the Xcitium EDR software can assist your company in protecting all endpoint devices? Get in touch with us today to know the best EDR software for your organization.

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