What is Carbon Black EDR?

According to The State of Ransomware 2022 Report, more than 65% of organisations will be affected by a Ransomware attack in 2021, which is 78% in 2020.

Attacks are becoming sophisticated, and there is a need to respond to these threats as fast as possible.

But FRsecre reported that only 45% of companies employ an Incident Response plan.

If you don't want to become a victim of ever-increasing cyber threats, you should rely on Carble Black EDR. It's time to uncover details of this endpoint protection program and find out how it helps your organization combat potential attacks. Let's continue reading and know it all.

Carbon Black EDR

What is VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Protection?

It is an endpoint protection tool that integrates multiple endpoint security techniques into a unified cloud-native platform. It continuously monitors endpoint behavioral activities and keep its complete record, so your in-house team can deal with potential threat faster and more effectively.

Why Do You Need EDR Carbon Black for Your Organization?

Enterprise security teams need detailed behavior analysis of endpoints alongside data to investigate a potential threat or a past attack. There is a need to hunt abnormal behavior across endpoints.

It's where Carbon Black EDR comes to help your in-house team, who can see beyond suspicious activity. With the mean of this tool, they find it easy to dig deeper into endpoint behavioral data and perform detailed analysis.

Being an effective threat-hunting and incident response solution, it helps you stay proactive with your threat-hunting and response process. You can install its EDR agent on the premises or cloud. Where you install it, this tool empowers your Security Operations Center Teams. They find it easy to hunt threats in real-time.

Besides, your security team can visualize the complete attack chain. Aggregated Threat intelligence tool of VMware EDR keeps a full record of evidence. It won't be tricky for you to identify malicious patterns and behavior.

What is VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Detection Used for?

VMWare Carbon Black EDR is the most crucial tool for the Security centre and Incident response team. This software offers them endpoint visibility while giving them a deep insight into the threat context. Security teams use this EDR agent for the following purposes:

  • Threat visualization and hunting
  • Fast incident reponse
  • Breach prevention and prep
  • Validation of alerts and triage
  • A deep analysis into the root cause of an attack
  • Detailed threat forensics and investigation.
  • Host Containment and Isolation

Benefits of VMware Carbon Black EDR

Here are some benefits that set these Endpoint security tools apart from others.

  • It's easy to accelerate the threat-hunting process via 24/7 endpoint visibility.
  • This endpoint tool quickly identifies the attacker when determining a threat's root cause.
  • It can isolate infected endpoints so that you can perform an in-depth investigation.
  • Automatic hunting allows your in-house team to prevent future attacks.
  • It is a scalable endpoint protection tool. If your organization grows, you won't have to seek any new security tools because the existing one is scalable.
  • You can respond and remediate potential threats quickly.
  • IT Teams become more efficient as they don't need to perform manual analysis and detection of an incident on any endpoint.

Capabilities of VMware Black EDR

It's time to unlock key features of this program:

Continuous and Centralized Recording

This software monitors the activities and behavior of all connected endpoints with your business network. Security professionals can look into potential threats in real-time from one single platform. An in-depth investigation makes it easy for professionals to stop a breach before it causes any damage.

Live Response for Remote Remediation

You can empower your Incident Response team with Carbon black. They can make the most of the live response mechanism of the program. They can initiate remediation remotely on endpoints. For example, it's easy to kill the process, isolate an infected host, and push a file from any part of the world- whenever your organization is under attack.

Attack Chain Visualization and Search

Another fantastic feature that makes Carbon Black better than legacy antivirus is attacked chain visualization. Your in-house analysts can navigate every attack stage and get the necessary details about attacker behaviors. They can quickly pinpoint system vulnerabilities and close security gaps. Besides, they can learn new malware behaviour and customize EDR to prevent future attacks from the same attacker.

Automation via Integrations and Open APIs

An open platform makes it easy for your team to integrate this tool with your existing security solution. Its compatibility lets you take advantage of combined security features and prevent cyber attacks at any cost.

Wrap up

Carbon Black EDR empowers your security team to identify, prevent, and respond to potential threats and attacks on all endpoints. It creates a stronger security layer than a traditional antivirus platform. When it comes to endpoint visibility, it works precisely like Xcitium EDR. Your analyst can have deep insight into threats through attack chain visualization. It becomes simple to stop a future attack from brand-new malware.

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