How To Prevent Locky Ransomware

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To begin grasping how to stop Locky ransomware, it’s best to know what it is first. Locky is one of many ransomware examples that lurk on the web which encrypts the intended victim’s computer or device after which they demand a ransom for owners to get a decryption code which will then release your PC from being locked.

First, it enters your system through underhanded emails that may trick you into downloading an app or software from a link attached unto it. The message may claim different things, however, the purpose is the same — to get you to enable the malicious software that cybercriminals have coded. Next, it encrypts your files or merely locks your screen to disallow your access. Your screen will display a message demanding a certain amount to be transferred to a specific account or means that the hijacker prepared. The message would claim to give you a Locky ransomware decryptor code that disables the lock which will then return your access to its rightful owner.

This ransomware along with other ransomware examples has been plaguing the public since early 2000. As a result, there are now plenty of strains and methods of delivery. An attack may come at any time and in unexpected ways. Online criminals do not nitpick on who to target. Generally, they cast a wide network all over the vast space on the web to catch all unsuspecting individuals, may it be those who use their computers for personal or business purposes. Most serious hackers target small businesses that have much to lose but are lax on security.

However, it’s not to say that you are safe if you don’t run a business or are wealthy. Anyone can be a victim. Because of this, it’s important to know how to stop Locky ransomware, should you be the focus of such an attack. Luckily, you don’t have to be a tech genius nor have to spend thousands of dollars just to protect your devices. Nor do you need to install Locky ransomware decryptors on your computer. Although you are welcome as they may come in handy.

How To Prevent Locky Ransomware

Here Are Some Ways On How To Stop Locky Ransomware

Prevention is key. Before malware can corrupt your computer, it’s best to build as many layers of protection against any type of malware. Some ransomware examples other than Locky are Ryuk, Righ, and FBI. All of these have the same modus and the same system of operations which means protecting yourself from one also means protecting yourself from others like it.

Avoid Distrustful Emails

To begin the process and knowledge of how to stop Locky ransomware, you should be aware that Locky ransomware attacks begin with receiving emails with either a link to a malicious website or to unzip and download malware. With a Locky ransomware decryptor or an app, an alarm will automatically trigger a warning that tells you of unsafe websites or files.

Utilize Cloud Services

Cloud services are websites or space on the web that allows you to store any content that you might want for safekeeping. There are droves of these services to choose from, namely Google Drive, One Drive, etc. All of which provides a safe space for you to ensure that all your documents will not be lost whatever happens to your computer or its operational system. In this way, should you be attacked by ransomware, you can restore your files from a backup without hassle. If you don’t trust online space, then another option is to back your files up on an external hard drive. This works just as well as a cloud service, however, should your drive be corrupted by a virus, all of its contents might get infected as well.

Keep Your OS And Other Software Up-To-Date

Religiously updating your software might seem inconsequential to you. However, keeping your software and apps up-to-date allows the developers of the different software you use to patch the gaps in their code’s security that might allow some form of malware into their, and therefore your, system. This simple practice alone is one step closer to grasping how to stop Locky ransomware attacks.

Invest In Anti-Malware Software

Nevertheless, the best and most surefire way on how to stop Locky ransomware or any ransomware for that matter is to employ a Locky ransomware decryptor. This comes in many shapes and sizes and can safeguard yourself not only from Locky but from all other ransomware examples that are threatening to inch its way into your personal or business computer. If you’re on a budget, one alternative is to choose free services online.

There are also free trials for a more intensive security service. Investing in your device’s protection ensures that it cannot be used to exploit you. As there are many to choose from, take into consideration what and how you want to be protected and how much you value your security. There’s no need to know the technicals on how to stop Locky ransomware. With anti-malware software, most of it will be done automatically after setting it up to fit your lifestyle.

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