How will you prevent the damage when fails?

Detecting Cyber Threats vs Stopping Damage from Cyber Threats...two very different things...

Xcitium's Detection-Less ZeroDwell-Powered EDR, MDR and XDR defeat Undetectable Threats, and prevent cyber damage, even when detection-first strategies fail!

What does Xcitium do?

Detection Is Not Protection

Protect First - With Patented Virtualization.
Then Employ Detection, Verdicting, And Forensic Technologies To Harden Your Environment

ZeroDwell is a clearcut, proven solution that precedes detection-first security strategies to provide protection from ransomware and malware infections. Meanwhile, it simultaneously eliminates alert fatigue, slashes work loads for your IT and analyst teams, and abolishes big breach remediation budgets.

The Power Of Zero

Win The Race Before It Starts With ZeroDwell Time™

A major feature of ZeroThreat technology is ZERODWELL CONTAINMENT™ (ZDC). With ZDC, Xcitium reduces the amount of time a threat can maneuver or dwell in your environment, down to absolute zero. ZDC is the foundation of ZeroDwell’s instantaneous kernel-level virtualization of unknown at runtime.

Attacks happen in minutes and seconds. But the impact from an attack does not always occur instantly. It can take some dwell time for an intruder to get a foothold and enumerate to execute search and destroy or exfiltration missions. Xcitium’s ZDC intercepts and isolates the attack before any of its impact and intended damage can occur.

It’s a race, and Xcitium leads with a disruptive, strategic offense. ZeroDwell provides an unfair advantage for defenders. When it comes to unknown entering your endpoints, we protect first, then ask questions and identify, detect and verdict second. That’s Xcitium’s unique advantage.


How Our Real-Time Virtualization Works


Xcitium Enterprise Platform

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Managed EDR

How We Help

450,000 Vulnerabilities Isn’t “Problem Solved”

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Cloud-Based Security Updates

Equip every endpoint, network, and workload with the latest threat intelligence against cyber threat signatures and payloads.

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Protect Against Unknown

Defense against new or zero-day cyber threats using powerful static, dynamic, and patented behavioral AI.

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Prevent unknown cyber attacks from causing damage to your endpoints with our lightweight Kernel-level API virtualization.

Icon Attack Chain Visualizations

Attack Chain Visualizations

Gain full context of an attack to connect the dots on how hackers are attempting to breach your network.

Preventing Breaches For Trusted Organizations

Securing our customers are our #1 priority. Global industry leaders have validated our endpoint security solutions through rigorous testing. They rely on Xcitium to prevent breaches by using ZeroDwell that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber attacks. The Xcitium Enterprise Platform protects millions of endpoints daily from cyber threats.


Excellence In The Industry

Xcitium solutions and services are recognized by leading industry associations, authorities, and analysts.
Our innovative technologies are securing organizations worldwide.

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Endpoint Protection

100% in protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and email threats.

100% in the detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks.

Malware Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection can protect against the unknown file and solves the malware problem

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Endpoint Protection

4.3/5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform

83% Recommend Xcitium

SC Awards

IT and Security Management Platform

2018 Trust Award Best Managed Security Service

2019 Finalist Threat Intel Technology

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Endpoint Protection 60x | Awards in Firewall

4.2 /5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform

4.3 /5 Rating for Advanced Endpoint Protection

4.5 /5 Rating for Endpoint Detection and Response

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Advanced Endpoint Security and Internet Security

Last test: March 2022
Recent result: 100%

2x | 2022 Excellence Award

Total awards granted: 16
Product of the year: 2021, 2020

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Xcitium Advanced (EPP+EDR)

Endpoint Detection & Response

Gain full context of an attack to connect the dots on how hackers are attempting to breach your network.

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Xcitium Managed (MDR)

Managed Detection & Response

We continuously monitor activities or policy violations, as well as threat hunting SOC Services, and 24/7 eyes on glass threat management.

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Xcitium Complete (XDR)

Managed Extended Detection & Response

We continuously monitor activities or policy violations providing cloud and network virtualized containment, as well as threat hunting SOC Services, and 24/7 eyes on glass threat management.

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Xcitium Essentials

ZeroDwell Containment

Move from Detection to Prevention With ZeroDwell Containment to isolate infections such as ransomware & unknown

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FAQ Section

Endpoint detection response (EDR) systems identify threats throughout your environment, examining the threat's whole lifetime and offering insights on what occurred, how it entered your system,where it went, what it was doing at the time, and what you can do to stop it. EDR assists in removing the threat before it spreads by containing it at the endpoint.

Endpoints are continuously monitored by EDR(Endpoint Detection Response) solutions for indications of malicious behavior. EDR systems gather and examine information from a variety of sources, including endpoint sensors, network traffic, and system logs. EDR Systems recognise dangers and highlight odd behavior that can point to an attack using algorithms and machine learning.

a) Behavioral Based Detection - EDR(Endpoint Detection Response) solution should offer behavioral based detection in addition to signature-based or files-based detection.

b) The majority of EDR solutions identify and stop an activity at execution, however it's beneficial to have a Detection at Rest capability.

c) Threat intelligence is crucial for all kinds of activities. If the EDR(Endpoint Detection Response) vendor integrates a threat intelligence database and compares all endpoint activities with IOCs from the database, this adds value to the business and allows you to spot numerous malicious activities taking place within the environment.

d) Access to Endpoint: The EDR sensor should offer a remote shell for the device. Security analysts occasionally require access to the device to stop malicious activities, including network isolation and remote access, among other things.

e) Custom Alerts: Although the majority of EDR providers include built-in alerts and detection policies, it's beneficial to have the flexibility to create individual alerts for endpoints.

EDR(Endpoint Detection Response) solutions provide you with a first line of defence that enables them to better understand and exert control over what's happening at the point where production systems and the open internet with all its dangers and malicious activity converge. Defenders can better protect vulnerable endpoints by using an EDR for endpoint security management without interfering with how the organization does business. Even better, an EDR can offer the network's most exposed points a centralized security control for the information security staff to monitor.

While traditional vendors employ detection-based passive approach through their EDR(Endpoint Detection Response) solutions, Xcitium EDR takes an protect-first active approach against malicious attacks while maintaining EDR SOPs like detection, verdicting and forensics etc. It’s time to think beyond traditional EDR Detection and think of zero-trust EDR protection.