We stop what others can't detect.

Zero Dwell Time. Zero Trust.  Zero Breaches. Zero Downtime.

There are 450,000+ unknowns & files released. Every. Single. Day. How do you know which ones are safe and which ones are malicious? You don't. This causes alert fatigue. Our ZeroThreat platform provides you peace of mind by protecting your organization first before detection. This provides you & your cybersecurity team the time required to safely investigate these unknowns while keeping your endpoints up & running.

When properly configured, we have a zero breach track record. Take our platform for a spin and see for yourself!

Detection Is Not Protection

Protect First - with Patented Virtualization.
Then Employ Detection, Verdicting, And Forensic Technologies To Harden Your Environment

ZeroThreat is a clearcut, proven solution that precedes detection-first security strategies to provide protection from ransomware and malware infections. Meanwhile, it simultaneously eliminates alert fatigue, slashes work loads for your IT and analyst teams, and abolishes big breach remediation budgets.

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Win The Race Before It Starts With Zero Dwell Time

A major feature of ZeroThreat technology is ZERO DWELL CONTAINMENT™ (ZDC). With ZDC, Xcitium reduces the amount of time a threat can maneuver or dwell  in your environment, down to absolute zero.  ZDC is the foundation of ZeroThreat’s instantaneous kernel-level virtualization of unknowns at runtime.

Attacks happen in minutes and seconds. But the impact from an attack does not always occur instantly. It can take some dwell time for an intruder to get a foothold and enumerate to execute search and destroy or exfiltration missions. ZeroThreat’s ZDC intercepts and isolates the attack before any of its impact and intended damage can occur.

It’s a race, and Xcitium leads with a disruptive, strategic offense.
ZeroThreat provides an unfair advantage for defenders. When it comes to Unknowns entering your endpoints, we protect first, then ask questions and identify, detect and verdict second. That’s Xcitium’s unique advantage.

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Attackers don’t play fair. Why should you? Get Unfair Advantage

Zero Dwell Time Containment isolates the attacker’s execution path so a threat is prevented from harming an endpoint. Lateral movement is impossible. Xcitium protects first, then enacts important assessment and detection strategies immediately thereafter. It’s a 1-2 punch right out of the gate.

Meanwhile, the rest of the industry is bent on ineffective detection-first approaches, and this is why there are still countless breaches and ransoms occurring daily.

But ZeroThreat virtualization heads off attackers at the pass, in real time, with literally ZERO virtualization-escape options available to the attacker.

With ZeroThreat ZDC, all unknown elements are guilty until proven innocent, and instantly prevented from accessing the real resources on the endpoint. Remember: contained attacks are no longer threats, so no more alert fatigue. And all unknown elements contained by virtualization are being analyzed and assessed by the Xcitium verdicting engine. If deemed benign, they are simply released from virtualization. Meanwhile, there is no interruption of work on a virtualized endpoint, and business proceeds as usual. 

Don’t run the race. Win. Defend in Zero.
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How Our Real-Time Virtualization Works

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How We Help

450,000 Vulnerabilities Isn’t “Problem Solved”

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Contained attacks are no longer threats.

Xcitium ZeroThreat virtualization is an industry-first technology that stands on its own as a masterful solution to preventing never ending breaches and ransoms.

It can be an add-on to your existing EDR solution (such as CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, Sophos, and others) as a  powerfully unbreachable front line of offense against attackers.

Preventing Breaches for Trusted Organizations

Securing our customers are our #1 priority. Global industry leaders have validated our endpoint security solutions through rigorous testing. They rely on Xcitium to prevent breaches by using ZeroThreat that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber attacks.​ The Xcitium Enterprise Platform protects millions of endpoints daily from cyber threats.


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Excellence in the Industry

Xcitium solutions and services are recognized by leading industry associations, authorities, and analysts. Our innovative technologies are securing organizations worldwide.

Endpoint Protection

100% in protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and email threats.

100% in the detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks.

Malware Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection can protect against the unknown file and solves the malware problem

Endpoint Protection
4.3/5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform

83% Recommend Xcitium
IT and Security Management Platform

2018 Trust Award Best Managed Security Service

2019 Finalist Threat Intel Technology

Endpoint Protection
60x | Awards in Firewall

4.2 /5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform

4.3 /5 Rating for Advanced Endpoint Protection

4.5 /5 Rating for Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced Endpoint Security and Internet Security

Last test: March 2022
Recent result: 100%

2x | 2022 Excellence Award

Total awards granted: 16
Product of the year: 2021, 2020


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Move Away From Ineffective Detection-First Strategies With Patented Breach Prevention Built For Today’s Challenges!

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