How To Remove The FBI Ransomware Virus From Your Computer?

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As more and more people integrate technology into their everyday lives, it has become one of man’s abundant strengths. However, it has also become one of many people’s Achilles’ heels. As such, criminals have evolved from stealing from pockets to stealing from devices. One of the ways online criminals have devised is by encrypting ransomware into innocent victims’ computers and even on their mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets. One branch of encrypting ransomware is a lock screen virus, like the infamous FBI ransomware.

The Lock Screen Virus Begins By Infecting The Computer Or Device With The Following:

Suspicious emails – These emails can come in different shapes and sizes as online criminals have been more creative in their spiels. It can look like it’s from a trusted company or brand telling you to renew/apply for certain accounts or promotions. It can declare you’ve won something and the final step is downloading software or an app they have attached.

Malvertising – Some hackers plant ads on certain sites and bait people into clicking on it. Once hooked, a malicious code will run its course and complete the ransomware attack on your device.

Cracks or illegal software – Anyone can upload anything on torrent. As a result, should you decide to download cracks or illegal software to save up from monthly subscriptions from apps like Windows Office or the like, there is a risk that it contains encrypting ransomware that will run as soon as it’s opened or unzipped.

Once it takes over your computer, it will display a threatening message claiming to be from authorities such as the FBI (hence the name) or NBI. In the message, they will claim to put you under hold for attempts or for accessing pornographic websites, downloading illegal content from torrents, bulk spamming, or other offenses they might come up with. You are then required to pay a “fine” for committing a felony before regaining access to your computer.

In this regard, it pays to know how to remove FBI ransomware virus to minimize its damage to the victims. No one is safe because this lock screen virus can infect any OS, be it Windows, Andriod, or iOS. There is also no specific profile for its victims, anyone can be exploited by this encrypting ransomware as long as you own a device. However, if you have fallen prey to this encrypting ransomware, then here is what you need to be doing. These are some of the steps on how to remove FBI ransomware virus:

Use Safe Mode

One of the most effective ways on how to remove FBI ransomware virus from your computer is to reboot on Safe Mode. One of the features of any computer is having it on Safe Mode. If you’ve already been locked out of your PC, then you can restart it by hard pressing the Power button. Once it reboots, opt for Safe Mode. Once it’s rebooted, go to Settings, and under Apps or Application Manager uninstall all malicious or suspicious software from your device. This particular ransomware only functions as a lock screen virus, hence rebooting it allows you to restore your system to when it was functioning properly.

Back-Up Files

Another way to alleviate the damage of being attacked by this encrypting ransomware is to back your files up. In this, you have 2 options. You can either save your files on an external hard drive. You also have the option to save it on cloud services online. The second option can be convenient for business purposes as it makes your documents or files accessible across any device. It can also be shared to concerned parties. There are paid cloud services as well if your needs are more elaborate or extensive. As there are plenty to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your purposes.

Apply Anti-Malware Software

The most effective way on how to remove FBI ransomware virus is simply to apply anti-malware software. There are many free services offered online from which you can choose from. Basic services include scanning through your computer once an anti-malware software is installed. Another is giving you alerts or warnings whenever you’re about to enter or download a possible threat. There are many more features that aim to protect your systems from an FBI ransomware attack from this anti-malware software. Not only does it protect you from FBI ransomware but also from other malware. If your PC is well protected, then there will be no need for you to worry about how to remove FBI ransomware virus or any type of malware anymore.

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