Secure Internet Gateway: Have your DNS server controlled and covered?

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Modern-day working environments have changed significantly over the years, and the IT landscape has evolved along with them. Digital transformations have now necessitated the need for cloud technology adoption and the creation of mobile workforces, adding new layers of complexity when it comes to building, supporting, and securing critical business infrastructure.

Adding to this complexity is the global concern behind the frequency and severity of modern-day cyber attacks, impacting 1 in 5 companies every single year. Attackers recognize the challenge most businesses face when enforcing their web security policies in and outside of their organization and exploit this to their advantage.

In order to combat these new-age threats, businesses need to understand where they’re most vulnerable and deploy active security controls that both monitor and regulate how their network is being utilized. A Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) makes this possible. 

What Is A Secure Internet Gateway?

A Secure Internet Gateway, or SIG, is an advanced network security service that sits between connected users devices and the internet, regardless of whether they are on- or off-premise. One of the primary features of a SIG is that it allows visibility into all internet activity on and off of a corporate network while allowing businesses to deploy enforcement protocols on web activity and ensure safe and productive web browsing from employees. 

Benefits Of Secure DNS Filtering

Secure DNS filtering offers cloud-based monitoring and control when securing and protecting your business from online threats. Below are some of the key benefits DNS filtering provides:

Provides Real-Time Web Visibility

With the wide-scale use of cloud technology, companies can quickly lose track of their network activity across multiple cloud platforms and remote workers. SIGs provide real-time web visibility and control across an entire infrastructure, protecting all network traffic regardless of where it originates.

Regulates Employee Web Browsing

Regardless of where your employees operate, whether in-house or remotely, it can be challenging to maximize their productivity levels as well as ensure they are following safe web browsing practices. Secure Internet Gateways and DNS filtering allow you to customize security rules according to your business needs and automatically enforce them across all your user’s devices. 

Blocks Internet-Based Threats

Whether or not your employees realize it, the internet is full of malicious websites that can expose your network to sophisticated cyber threats. SIGs stop internet-based threats in their tracks by delivering a heavily-secured DNS layer that automatically blocks phishing, malware domains, malicious sites, botnets, and web-borne attacks.

Choosing The Right Network Protection Solution

When choosing a network protection solution, it’s crucial to know what you’re investing in. Some security solutions focus primarily on monitoring network activity and detecting potential threats as they arise. However, when deciding on a solution that’s right for you, it’s essential that you deploy dynamic security processes that not only detect dangerous network activity but give you the tools you need to control and regulate how your systems are accessed.

Xcitium Secure Internet Gateway is a revolutionary cloud-based security platform that offers a full suite of security products and add-on modules designed to enhance your business’s cybersecurity efforts. As an essential first layer of defense, Xcitium Secure Internet Gateway allows you to quickly and easily regulate web browsing across your entire infrastructure while gaining full visibility and control over all of your network activity. Businesses can deploy their solution within 2 minutes, customize their category and security rules, and enforce their policies across all users, endpoints, and devices.

For more information on Xcitium Secure Internet Gateway and other available network protection services, schedule your free demo today.

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