Explore 5 Top EDR Products with Maximum Endpoint Security

Almost 68% of organizations experience endpoint attacks that lead to the worst-case scenario and costly data breaches, according to Ponemon Institute Study.

There is a need to secure endpoints through Top EDR Products, which offers next-level protection. The demand for EDR solutions has been skyrocketing for the last decade.

According to a press release of Reports and Data published in November 2021, Endpoint detection and response solution is expected to be worth $11.2 billion by 2028.

Today, a company can avail of a wide variety of EDR solutions. But there is a need to invest in Top EDR tools that help you generate high ROI. Let's uncover details of 5 top-rated EDR products in the digital market.

Top EDR Products

1. CrowdStrike Falcon Insight

When you need a comprehensive EDR solution for your business network, then it's when Crowdstrike is an ideal choice. It is designed with USB device protection, threat intelligence, NGAV, and threat hunting.

Key Features

  • This tool efficiently detects malicious activities, tactics, procedures and techniques.
  • Your security team can make the most of real-time visibility.
  • A complete history of security-related events, such as driver loading, memory access, registry modifications, etc, allows your security analyst to understand where the problem lies in your network.
  • Detect attacks automatically with behavioral analytics.
  • Quick real-time response and fast remediation. This EDR product is designed with built-in remote commands where your security team can restart or shut down an endpoint, run a script, kill the process, etc.
  • Your security analysis can make the most of fast remediation actions. It becomes easy to contain and respond to a threat.

Cybereason Endpoint Detection and Response

Every company that uses top EDR products from Cyberreasons can get more than an EDR. You will find Managed Detection and Response MDR and NGAV- Next-generation Antivirus inside the defence platform. So, you can manage the endpoints and secure them automatically with this security solution.

Key Features

  • This tool unlocks the complete timeline of malicious processes in a tree structure. So it becomes easy for the team to perform a detailed threat examination.
  • This platform includes SIEM and Firewall tools as well. You'll get an alert from this tool as soon as a security breach happens.
  • It makes it simple to review the full attack scope. Security analysts can get complete information about an attack, such as the leading cause, incoming/outgoing communication, attack time, and affected endpoints.
  • Your security team can customize this tool by defining behavioral whitelisting and custom rules.
  • Complete remediation toolbox guides your team to initiate the proper response at the right time.
  • This EDR product allows your team to execute remediation action across all affected devices from a single dashboard.

Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection Platform

Any enterprise that wants to secure its endpoints alongside the network should get Cynet 360 platform. It uncovers network monitoring/protection, Endpoint Detection and Response tools, NGAV and UEBA tools.

Key Features

  • It integrates network and endpoint monitoring capabilities on a single platform. Your security experts can make the most of its top-level visibility.
  • Cynet 360 is one of the top EDR products that can reduce false positives by validating all activity signals.
  • It lets your organization get the full context of threats, alerts, and prioritization on a single screen.
  • This tool is designed with granular search filters, so your team can investigate deeply. It becomes easy to get all the related info of malicious activity.
  • Your security team will have full control over the endpoints. They can either isolate a host or schedule task deletion as a remedy.
  • Cynet 360 portal allows your security personnel to customize the attack and define the rules for remediation workflow.
  • Threat analysis allows your organization to hunt for potential attacks and incidents proactively.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

An Organization searching for a complete security solution should consider getting one from Symantec. Its endpoint protection is quite comprehensive as it includes device network firewalls, memory exploits prevention, intrusion prevention, EDR, an emulator for detecting hidden packings, and NGAV.

Key Features

  • AI-Guided Policy management and intelligent automation offer a helping hand to your SOC team.
  • It is designed with a single agent and a single cloud console. It becomes simple for your team to manage and strengthen endpoint security.
  • Your security professionals can detect advanced-level threats through its sophisticated attack detection and analysis tools.
  • Your company can prevent full-blown security breaches.
  • This tool lets you avoid a compromised endpoint and improve ROI.

5. Xcitium Endpoint Protection

It is one of the Top EDR Products that help you understand your threat and strengthen your endpoint security to a great extent. This cloud-based security tool lets you drill down incidents and get deep insight to prevent potential hazards.

Key Features

  • Xcitium has a lightweight EDR agent that doesn't slow down your system but still offers top-level protection.
  • It is super effective in preventing file-less malware attacks.
  • An analyst can investigate an incident through a search, which allows them to get all the information at the base event level.
  • Your security team can customize the security policy of EDR as per their needs and requirements.
  • Your team will get security alerts for Advanced Persistent Threats, privilege escalation attempts, and file-less malware attacks.
  • Security analysts can better understand security behavior through attack chain visualizations.

Wrap Up

Finally, you have a clear picture of Top EDR products that helps you secure your endpoints and prevent the worst-case scenario, especially ransomware. Investing in an EDR that offers you high ROI is necessary

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