6 Reasons Make Security EDR An Absolute Necessity for Your Business

A security EDR protects your organization's IT Assets and endpoints against threats, which usually get past antivirus and other security tools - IBM.

Now it's clear that EDR is required for an organization even when you have an antivirus installed on your system.

Keep in mind the claim of Symantec's Senior Vice President (2014) that antivirus is effective only 50 percent of the time.

You can only partially rely on it. Add other security tools like secure EDR in your network to gain the ultimate safety net against potential cyber threats.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is integral component of your endpoint security strategy. With it, you will be able to do real-time monitoring of all the endpoints effectively. With an EDR tool, your organization can easily detect and respond to malicious cyberattacks.

What are the 6 Reasons that Make Security EDR An Absolute Necessity for Your Business

Still trying to decide whether to add a security EDR to your business network? Here are ten reasons that convince your mind and help you understand why this tool is an absolute necessity for your business.

1. Real-Time Monitoring

Cyberattacks can happen anytime, and you need to be well-prepared with your defense strategy. An EDR is capable of real-time monitoring of your remote network. It features machine learning and artificial intelligence alongside powerful analytics tools, making it easy for your organization to detect threats in real-time and respond to them before it's too late.

Security EDR

2. Improved Visibility

Want to empower your cybersecurity professionals? It would be best if you thought about EDR as an excellent tool that allows your professionals to keep track of every single endpoint user activity. Endpoint detection and response system boost visibility into your network activity. It becomes quite more manageable for a security analyst to identify which endpoint is vulnerable and how to secure it.

3. Automated Threat Responses

Do you know Security Automation Can Save You $3.05M in a Data Breach?- Source

Your security analyst needs time to look into a security alert and start a response mechanism. Can you make your network vulnerable during that time? Absolutely not. An EDR helps your team to automate response to threats.

EDR system will help dial down strong impact of threat and can stop it entirely by responding promptly. Meanwhile, your security analysts study the incident and plan remediation to prevent similar future incidents.

Automation helps cyber security teams to detect and respond to threats accurately by analyzing essential factors.

4. Proactive Defense Strategies

According to Research, 54 percent of organizations experienced one and more cyber security attacks that compromised either their confidential data or IT Infrastructure. And a third of such organizations believe they have adequate resources to manage security effectively.

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter day by day. They are trying new ways to invade your system. Ransomware and phishing attacks are common in global businesses. Your organization may have security protocols to deal with such attacks.

It's more than being proactive with your approach that lets you gain complete control over your IT Infrastructure; Instead of staying at the discretion of cybercriminals. And it's where security EDR fits the picture aesthetically. It lets you react to known and unknown threats.

You can leverage advanced analytics tools of the Endpoint Detection and Response system to monitor suspicious activities in real time and respond to them before they cause any damage in.

5. Continuous Incident Tracking

A big plus of the most effective EDR security system is that it helps you monitor an incident continuously. When an incident happens, you have a lot of questions in mind, such as:

  • What endpoints were affected?
  • How are cybercriminals entered into your endpoints?
  • How vulnerable was your IT infrastructure?
  • What tools helped you detect, and what tools didn't work?

And thanks to EDR reports, you can quickly get an idea of what went wrong. Once you have threat intelligence, your security analysts can easily tight loose screws in the system. And it's how you can prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.

6 . Compliance

Every industry has security rules and laws that you must comply with, and you must follow security regulations to avoid paying fines and penalties. A Security EDR helps you stay compliant and avoid potential losses due to non-compliance issues.

Wrap up

Finally, you have six good reasons to consider implementing a security EDR into your IT Infrastructure to make it more secure and more efficient.

You don't need an ordinary EDR solution; you need the most effective one that helps your organization stay ahead of malicious actors, so you won't let them exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the infrastructure.

And indeed, Xcitium EDR is the perfect solution- it helps your organization further strengthen its security posture while preventing future attacks and incidents.

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