The Basics of Network Detection and Response

Networks have been more sophisticated and widely distributed. Because of this, it’s necessary to have full visibility of IT networks to detect and stop threats before they tarnish your organization’s reputation.

As attackers deploy non-malware techniques to compromise credentials, detecting them has been difficult. Usually, in these scenarios, the threat actor pretends to be a non-malicious tool already existing in the environment.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can detect and respond to network-borne threats. This is called network detection and response (NDR). Some people are still unaware of the non-traditional security tools we have today.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly network detection and response (NDR) is and why it should be included in your network security plan.

Defining Network Detection and Response

Network detection and response is an advanced security tool that can monitor known and unknown threats that lurk in your network. It provides a streamlined, machine-based analysis of your network traffic and response solutions, and aims to improve workflows through automation.

Now, you may be wondering why you still need to get this tool when you have security legacy solutions like antivirus software for your network security plan. The thing is, you can’t just depend on signature-based security tools to distinguish network security threats that require broader analysis.

Unfortunately, signature-based security solutions do not really do a fine job in detecting new threats unless they have been previously recognized on the network. These tools don’t also correlate multiple data points or study data over time to determine potential threats. Moreover, they lack response capabilities.

Network and detection response software helps IT, teams, by giving them real-time awareness of relevant activities to detect new threats in a breeze.

What’s the Difference Between Network Detection and Response and Network Traffic Analytics?

If you’re confused about whether NDR has anything to do with network traffic analytics (NTA), read on.

Network Traffic Analysis involves gathering and analyzing network traffic. Now, NDR is under NTA. There are various ways to address NTA, but the best one is through NDR.

NDR leverages the real-time monitoring and analysis that NTA offers. The most comprehensive NDR can incorporate security orchestration, automation, and response technology to simplify and automate response opportunities.

How Network Detection and Response Functions?

NDR has a comprehensive set of detection, investigation, and response capabilities. We will discuss in detail how they work.

Detection – NDR software collects data across your environment and uses machine analytics to expose threats as fast as it could. It uses multi-machine analytics approaches, such as scenario-based modeling for known tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). It also sifts through traffic metadata to detect known indicators of compromise (IoC).

Investigation – NDR offers your team with real-time network insights and analytics and consolidates data from your environment. This way, they can augment relevant, contextual information to have smooth and streamlined investigations. NDR solutions create a good amount of network-based evidence for threat investigation, policy enforcement, audit support, and legal action. Hunting threats become easier as your team is given the ability to determine malicious activities.

Response The most effective NDR solutions bolster and automate security workflows with its functionalities. Because many repetitive tasks can be automated, your team can focus on more important activities. Furthermore, automating response to threats reduces dwelling time. It allows you to automatically disable an account or block an IP address without manual intervention.

Does My Organization Need Network Detection and Response Solutions?

Security teams that want to monitor their data security within a single solution, whether on-premises or remotely, may consider NDR. It is the best software to give your team full visibility into your network, preventing you from worrying about the things you can’t see.

Those who have a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tool in place would benefit from using an NDR solution as well. By using all three of them, you can build a Security Operations Center (SOC) Visibility Triad. This minimizes the likelihood of a threat actor compromising your sensitive data.

NDR is also great for teams that work in an environment that’s not supported by endpoint-based detection. They can keep an eye on traffic flow between devices and send out warnings regarding the things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Comodo Network Detection and Response

Cyber-attackers are getting smarter by the day — some of them even evade security tools. Network Detection and Response solutions add an extra layer of protection from sophisticated network attacks and highly organized threat actors. It monitors and analyzes the traffic that enters exits, and moves laterally across your network.

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