Is EDR Software or Hardware?

The organization wants to become proactive in dealing with dynamic cyber threats. The biggest problem today is malware attacks, which happen every other second to disrupt normal business operations. The best solution comes in the form of Endpoint Detection and Response. Many business owners wonder about this solution and ask questions like "Is EDR Software or Hardware?". If you have the same question, it's time to get the detailed answer below.

What is an EDR?

EDR stands for Endpoint Detection and Response. It is a software that is installed on endpoints to secure them. It monitors endpoint-system level behavior. Record and collect behavioral data from all endpoints and later analyze them through machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

If an EDR Tool detects suspicious behavior on any endpoint, it can provide remediation suggestions while blocking malicious activity. Besides, when you have EDR software installed across your network, you can quickly respond to threat and restore the affected system.

Is EDR Software or Hardware

Why Does Your Organization Need an EDR?

Every organization's network has multiple endpoints, such as servers, workstations, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Since most employees are connected to your network through endpoints and don't use any security protocols.

All these endpoints are vulnerable. If you don't secure these endpoints through EDR software, cybercriminals can find an entry into your network through this system. Entry through one vulnerable endpoint can affect the whole business network.

According to Cisco Report, 62% of businesses experienced major cybersecurity events that jeopardized their operations.

Almost 63 % of organizations believe they are not ready to deal with worst-case scenario risk.

Around 96 % of businesses have invested in cyber security solutions due to a cyber threat.

Your organization needs EDR Solution to deal with every increasing cyber threat. If you don't invest in security solutions, you won't be able to deal with the risk. Threat actors can ask for ransomware by blocking your complete system access. In the worst scenario, they put your company at risk by making your company's confidential information public. Another good reason to consider installing EDR software or tools on your business network is to comply with industry regulations.

Traditional Antivirus and EDR

Many businesses question why they need EDR software when they have antivirus. You should know that antivirus and firewalls are your first line of defense. They allow your security analysts to react on time against cyber threats.

But when balancing security risks and resilience, you won't need to rely only on traditional antivirus.

It would help if you had a modern solution and approach.

It comes in the form of Endpoint detection and response software that actively monitors all your endpoints to detect a threat before it may cause any damage. Instead of responding to a threat, it will help you stay proactive with your cyber security approach.

How Does EDR Software Secure Your Business Hardware?

This cyber security tool will help you add an extra layer of protection across all your business hardware networks. Whether your business has a workstation, IoT devices, tablets, servers, etc. Every EDR agent can secure this endpoint and won't let any cyber criminals take an entry.

How Does it Protect Endpoints against Malware Attacks?

Here is how this software offers protection:

Behavior analysis

Xctium EDR software collects data from multiple endpoints and store data of network traffic, application logs, OS events, endpoints logs, user activities, etc. Once this data is stored, a security analyst will use advanced machine learning algorithms to detect unusual behavior or activity across the network.

Block Malicious Activity

Another plus of EDR software is that it will contain the threat in the containment zone. As soon as this software detect suspicious file or activity, it will isolate affected endpoints from unaffected ones and block access so that damage won't be widespread in the business network.

Threat Context

This software empowers security analysts with contextual data. They can look into potential threats and easily understand how an attack happens. What was the origin of an attack on your network? This insight will help them better understand some loopholes that let past threat actors. The cyber security team can quickly patch vulnerabilities in the system while allowing your organization an improved security posture.

Is EDR Software or Hardware? Final Note

The simple answer to this question is EDR is software that runs all over your business' endpoints to keep them fully secure. To keep them safe and secure, you need to install an EDR agent on your business hardware like laptops, servers, workstations, tablets, and user devices.

Once this software is installed on your hardware, it offers you top-level visibility into your system's nature. Your security system can understand the following:

  • What are potential threats?
  • What endpoints need more security?
  • How is a cybercriminal entered into your system?

And best of all, they would know:

  • How to use threat intelligence to prevent future threats?
  • And how to keep your business secure against ever-increasing cyber crimes?

Want to boost the security level across all endpoints of your business? Consider getting Xcitium EDR, which offers real-time threat intelligence and monitoring to make your security team more productive and efficient than before.

Is EDR Firewall

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