What is an Endpoint Detection System?

Malicious attacks pose a serious cyber security risk for businesses of every kind and type.

In 2021 more than 74% of organizations experienced malware attacks, spreading from one employee to another. And this number will hit 75 percent in 2022.

It is important to secure all the organization endpoints, such as laptops, mobile phones, computers, servers, switches, tablets, IoT, and POS systems. And nothing works better than an Endpoint Detection System. If your organization doesn't secure your endpoint, you will pay a high breach cost.

"The cost of a global data breach increases 2.6% from $4.24 million in 2021 to $4.35 million in 2022 — the highest it's been in the history of IBM Security's "The Cost of a Data Breach Report."

It's time to know how to prevent this high breach cost with an EndPoint Detection System. Let's dive into the details of this system and its effectiveness for your business.

What is Endpoint Detection and Response System?

This system is an integral part of cyber security strategy. It protects your business network from suspicious activity. It is popularly known as Endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems. The system identifies cyber security threats and also responds to them. It monitors all the system activities 24/7 and alerts administrators as soon as potential threats occur. It also automates response by containing threats, allowing cyber security analysts to analyze it properly and create a risk management plan.

An endpoint Detection System is the first line of defense against cybercrime.

Endpoint Detection System

How Does an Endpoint Detection System Work?

EDR System relies on multiple security technologies such as intrusion detection system IDS, application control tools, antivirus software, and firewalls. Consider it numerous layers of protection installed in your business network.

Every coating protects your system from a potential cyber threat. This system also has Machine learning and Artificial intelligence power with which it can monitor suspicious behavior or activity and identify it before it can do any harm.

If an intruder tries to access an endpoint through a stolen username and password, an EDR Solution will readily detect it and separate this endpoint from others. It won't allow unauthorized entry into the system while protecting other endpoints side by side.

Do you know 83 % of organizations faced a successful email-based phishing attack?

You can prevent these attacks easily with an EDR system. It won't let malware attack infiltrate your network through a website link or email attachment if your employee opens an email with malware accidentally.

Your whole system and business email won't be compromised at all. Instead, the Endpoint Detection tool will readily identify this potential threat, contain it, and alert the administrator.

The Benefits of Implementing Endpoint Detection System

Every organization needs an EDR system because it protects your business in many ways. Let's unlock some benefits of implementing this system.

1. Real-Time Monitoring

Your cyber security team can't keep an eye on all endpoints 24/7, which is impossible. Could you have an endpoint detection system that monitors every activity and behavior inside your business network?

The real-time monitoring capabilities of this system allow your organization to detect and prevent threats that otherwise may cause serious damage and security consequences.

If your system gets exposed to malicious attacks, you lose your customer's trust, and attackers can misuse and abuse your confidential data and information. Your endpoints become vulnerable, making it difficult to comprehend the damage.

2. Reduce IT Cost

Do you know one-fifth of cybersecurity alerts are false positives? IT Professionals reported in surveys that almost 20 percent of their cloud security alerts are false positives, while 40 percent of their alerts are false positives.

Cyber security professionals and analysts have to spend more time dealing with false positives- it could be an alert that malware is present in the system while nothing is there. So, when they respond to this alert, they use the organization's IT resource and spend their time responding to a threat- which is never there.

Implementing the EDR system in your organization helps you overcome this challenge of false positives. It monitors your system in real-time, provides exceptional visibility into endpoints, and sends alerts only when there are real threats.

This system decreases false positives and saves time and resources for your organization. It also eliminates the need to perform security updates manually; you can automate this task from the system.

3. Industry Regulation Compliance

Another benefit of using an endpoint detection system is staying compliant with industry regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA. These regulations require every organization to rely on cybersecurity tools to keep its system secure for customers and stakeholders. Your business shouldn't pose any cybersecurity risk to a third party. If you don't comply with these regulations, your organization has to deal with penalties and fines.

Wrap up

If you need a powerful cyber security strategy, you should add an endpoint detection system. Once you set up this system, it allows your cyber security team to enjoy real-time monitoring capabilities, which are helpful in quick threat identification and response. You can save money by reducing a data breach's cost, staying compliant with industry regulations, and decreasing false positives.

Want to invest in the best endpoint detection system that lets you secure your digital assets from malicious attacks? Look no further; Xcitium EDR is there to help you enjoy all security benefits.


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