What Is Threat Response Solutions?

Threat response solutions track your organization’s network activity. It looks for signs of cyber threats and intrusions and then creates a type of response needed to eliminate this threat.

Its main objective is to streamline the process of finding and addressing security breaches that passed through your barriers, such as network firewalls. It utilizes analytical tools to scan large data sets and search potential threats.

This solution automatically remediates the threat or assists in the remediation process. It can be installed on endpoint devices, which is linked to a central management tool for analytics and monitoring.

This enables administrators to track their networks, infrastructure, and endpoints and resolve security risks including malware and other intrusions.

They also notify organizations when devices are used for malicious purposes, safeguarding companies from external and internal threats.

  • Threat response solutions have the following core functionalities:
  • They sift through IT networks and data to fend off threats
  • They do network monitoring and reporting within a single management console
  • They alert administrators regarding any red flags
  • They stop or help organizations in remediating threats

Here are some threat response solutions that you can choose from:

Threat Response Solutions: Attivo Networks ThreatDefend

This software delivers complete prevention and detection technology that is used to detect, reject, and derail attackers across a wide range of attack surfaces. It confronts attackers within a sandboxed environment to obtain threat intelligence and understand attacker methods.

Best Features:

  • Can bait on ransomware
  • Gives you a complete picture of the network with attack path discovery
  • Incident response tools with C2 engagement
  • Analyzes malware to help you remediate problems
  • Central administration console and deception assessment tools
  • Creates deception campaigns automatically
  • Robust threat detection against ransomware, stolen credentials and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Easy deployment of the software, whether it’s agentless, on premise or cloud based
Threat Response Solutions

Carbon Black ThreatHunter

Carbon Black ThreatHunter is one of the top threat response solutions that enable organizations to detect and counter advanced attacks. It provides security professionals with increased visibility into their surroundings by correlating and visualizing detailed information about endpoint events.

It gathers a comprehensive data of all activities on every endpoint, even when they are turned off. With intuitive attack chain visualizations, it gives organizations an idea into what transpired at every stage of an attack. It detects sophisticated threats and cuts down on attacker dwell time.

Best Features:

  • Fast end-to-end response and rectification of advanced threats
  • Better incident response and threat hunting with full endpoint visibility
  • Immediate identification of attacker activities and the root cause of the problem
  • Secure remote access to compromised endpoints for in-depth analysis
  • Automated hunting
  • Unique behavioral detection
  • Uninterrupted recording of endpoint data

Threat Response Solutions: Deep Secure Content Threat Removal

This threat response solution gives excellent protection for enterprises. It eliminates content threats such as ransomware, fileless malware, phishing, and more.

For effective incident response, it connects with an organization’s existing technology, such as secure web gateways and email networks. It also helps you comply with regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and GxP.

Best Features:

  • Blocks inbound malware – it removes known, zero-day, and unknown content threats from messages and their attachments. This prevents financial crimes, identity theft, and unauthorized remote access.
  • Thwart covert data loss –Content Threat Removal prevents high-value data from being stolen covertly by cyber criminals. It also destroys secret command and control channels that would otherwise go undetected by deleting threats hidden in images using steganography (stegware).
  • Low overhead – It functions seamlessly with existing security solutions. Unlike detection-based systems, there are no signature updates or lengthy patch cycles, resulting in minimal IT impact.

Threat Response Solutions: IBM Resilient

IBM Resilient is a leading threat response solution that organizes and automates incident remediation processes. It integrates quickly and seamlessly with existing security and IT investments.

In addition, it also enables businesses to respond swiftly to security alerts and delivers useful intelligence and context to situations. Having adaptive playbooks help you adjust to real-time incident situations.

Best Features:

  • Proactive incident and response management
  • Allows teams to orchestrate security procedures
  • Incident visualization gives users a complete view of the environment and the background of the attacks
  • Simulates threats to test processes
  • Manages breach notification laws
  • Visual workflows for easy threat hunting and incident response process
Xcitium Threat Response Solutions

Xcitium is also among this list of endpoint threat and response solutions. It helps manage and automate incident response processes, protecting you from cybersecurity risks. Its interface gives you a full visibility of your health and the security of your network endpoints.

Best Features of Threat Response Solutions

  • Allows for quick and effective incident response and threat management
  • Responds to security alerts and incidents automatically, saving time and resources for IT staff.
  • Individuals and teams have centralized access to reports and metrics.
  • Provides insight into a security operations’ effectiveness
  • A high-quality, user-friendly management dashboard

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