Different vendors are trying to offer cybersecurity software to protect end-users’ devices. That said, you must be careful when choosing which solution to deploy.

We must first understand your business needs and how each solution can benefit you. One of the security tools offered today is EPP tools or Endpoint Protection Platform


EPP is a security solution that detects and blocks threats on your endpoints. It usually has antimalware, antivirus, data encryption, firewalls, intrusion prevention, and data loss prevention capabilities.

Old Endpoint Protection Platform, EPP is more on the preventative side, with their approach leaning towards signature-based. It identifies threats based on known file signatures for threats that have just emerged. On the other hand, the latest EPP tools have evolved to carry out a more comprehensive range of detection techniques.

EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) security is your first line of defense against cybercriminals. It determines file-based and file-less malware and blocks them before they even get executed on your system.

EPP Tools

With malicious threats becoming more sophisticated and widespread, you must have EPP tools in place. Security teams can investigate and remediate unauthorized intrusions executed by perpetrators in your network.

Exceptional EPP Tools Features

Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) software can provide holistic protection to your endpoints no matter where they are. As a way to accomplish this, the endpoint protection platform executes the following functionalities:

Seeks Out Emerging Threats

Cyberattacks have become more complex. New malware variants crop up daily to compromise new EPP endpoints and vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, these new variants are developing new techniques to bypass traditional defenses. Put, companies that rely on legacy antivirus solutions are falling short on protection.

EPP, Endpoint protection platforms can detect evolving threats instead of blocking known malware types.

Sandboxed Inspection

The integration of sandboxes enables you to execute and inspect any dubious content without harming your environment. It analyzes a file’s behavior to check if it has malicious content that could ruin your system.

Detection and Response

Yes, EPP tools can fend off threats to endpoints. But this prevention-focused approach could miss some potential attacks. Because of this, EPP tools should work in unison with EDR tools. The latter is designed to perform threat hunting on an endpoint.

Merging both preventative and proactive cybersecurity shields can address all lurking attackers against your endpoints.

Easy Integrations

Advanced persistent threats are a tough case to crack for organizations. Companies need to seek out products that have sandboxes, network anomaly analysis, and endpoint-focused monitoring to handle them.

To achieve heightened protection across your enterprise infrastructure, you need multiple tools that can do the job. Having a plethora of information can process a multi-layered analysis system.

EPP tools can guard your network. It easily integrates with corporate cybersecurity software to carry out threat intelligence and coordinated automated response.

Flexible Protection Regardless of Your Location

Endpoints in corporate networks have different specifications. While many user workstations run on Windows or macOS, an organization’s servers could be Linux-based.

Meanwhile, as technology advances, remote work and virtualization technology have also become the norm.

An EPP tools system can deliver ultimate protection to your organization, supporting all operating systems and the ability to track and safeguard VDI-based systems efficiently.


EPP tools do their duties without supervision to eliminate known and unknown threats. It thoroughly protects your network through endpoint isolation as a front-line threat prevention tool.

Key Takeaways of EPP Tools

Often, companies would rely on standalone legacy tools to ensure their security. While they effectively detect some threats, this approach could add complexity and work to security teams.

Since they have to perform data aggregation across platforms manually, time gets wasted. Aside from this, it also overwhelms security staff and misses out on actual threats.

EPP tools simplify and increase endpoint protection as enterprises unify their security architecture. Its diverse set of features enables an organization to accomplish the same level of security with a single solution as it would with multiple separate systems.

Furthermore, cloud-based Endpoint Protection Platform solutions allow a company to streamline security across on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure, which is critical for safeguarding rising cloud deployments. These solutions provide threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities that are scalable to meet the growing security needs of enterprises.

Breach-proof Your Network with Xcitium EPP Tools

Xcitium offers top endpoint security tools to take care of your endpoint devices and whole network. It deters the most elusive endpoint threats and responds autonomously, limiting data breaches.

As a result, your organization receives all of the security it needs for a cost-effective price. To learn more about how Xcitium advances its security products, you may contact us or continue browsing our website.

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